The Raccoon Seasons range

Permanent and semi-permanent solutions for walls, surfaces, windows and floors.

Raccoon’s purpose is to create innovative and creative retail environments.  We understand that seasons guide your planning on the next in-store transformation, and that there is a constant pressure to ensure that updates remain on-brand, relevant and fresh. 

We can help. Brands choose us because we have carved out an approach to your seasonal updates that keeps things simple. We have hand-picked a capsule collection of products for our Raccoon Seasons range that allows you to solve everything in a breath-taking but cost effective and simple way.   After 25 years in the business, we are very clear on what works and what doesn’t. Therefore we bring you the only solutions worth considering. 

The semi-permanent solutions in this range have walls, surfaces, windows and floors covered, as well as 3D structures. Seeing you through a season, these are the basics that are working hard to bring your brand and messaging to life.  When the season is over, these sustainable solutions can then be recycled or used again so the store (and your carbon footprint) is clear to start the next in-store update.  

The Raccoon Seasons range will definitely inspire you. From large seam free walls, vibrant sub-surface floors to eye-catching lightboxes and 3D displays, we will transform your environment in a bespoke and hassle-free way. 

Need to integrate a short term promotion too? The Raccoon Promo range complements perfectly. This promises super fast, self-install branding solutions that your staff will love. Re-usable, interchangeable and with minimal mess, this range is quick and responsive.  

Give us a call and we can talk you through your options. 

Don’t just take our word for it!
"The project was handled in an extremely professional and efficient manner and was certainly the most hassle-free of all our rebrands to date, so thank you!"
Nicky Stone - Marketing Manager at Foxtons