A collaborative, quick and effortless approach to brand production

Raccoon is on a mission to make your life easier.

We know you want to bring your idea to life creatively, accurately and cost effectively. You may also have a tight turnaround to manage. So how can we help you nail it?

Clients love our simple approach to brand production. First up, we do a quick scan of your environment or object with the latest technology. This gives you accurate measurements so you can move swiftly to the next task: visualising your concept. Our creative services team can enhance your plans and add designs to your 3D render to connect you instantly to your space, so that you can actually see your end result. At last, no more surprises on installation day!

Once you’ve signed off your idea, your project manager will fast-track you to the production team. They will be waiting to print, produce, fabricate and build so we can unleash your idea and make it happen. Using your accurate survey data, they will be getting this correct first time which saves budget on unnecessary re-runs when things haven't quite gone to plan. No brainer, right?

Finally it’s over to our award-winning installation team. Our guys will enable the transformation and make your idea a reality.

Exactly like you imagined it….