3D scanning and surveying

Raccoon uses the latest digital technology to capture everything you need to know about your space or object. You might be looking to transform a window display, restaurant, retail environment, vehicle, prop or event space (for example), and so will need to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Or perhaps you have a retail store audit to complete?

We've got you covered. Our team can extract full-colour panoramic images of your space and overlay them onto a high-accuracy point cloud. What does this give you? A quick, invaluable 3D representation - showing every surface and measurement. These dimensions are the perfect blueprint from which to begin your transformation, as we can apply your new designs and give you a real-life peek of what is to come.

Clients love how collaborative this service is. Our creative services team will work with you to confirm your vision before we move into production and bring everything to life.

This service is a particularly useful investment if your space is refreshed on a regular basis. Once your initial measurements are captured, it is then simply a case of updating your artwork with each update. You’ll find this cost effective, and it will save you time.

Raccoon’s 3D scanning and surveying service reduces errors and saves you money in the long run. It also speeds your project up dramatically and will ensure accuracy is threaded through at every stage. The video below gives you a quick peek at how simple it is for us to pull the dimensions from your space to kick-start the process...

Quite simply, this service gives you the confidence you have been looking for to pull off your transformation.