‘Keep Your Eyes on the Pies’ for Ted Baker

We loved supporting Ted Baker on their activation for the festive season, especially when a mince pie is involved! The brand’s marketing team had a great idea for a campaign and asked us to get involved. The activation was the perfect complement to their Christmas Global Window Campaign ‘Keep Your Eyes on the Pies’ (featuring Santa with spinning mince pies as eyes), and the festive offering of giving away mince pie treats in-store.

So what did we do? The idea was to create a vending machine that could tour UK locations and make Christmas treats available at the click of a button. And that’s not all…as well as being able to buy a range of gifts from the traveling pop up, festive shoppers could send a Twitter message or Instagram post to the machine and receive a free Mr Kipling mince pie too! Well it was the season for giving after all…

Raccoon delivered this experiential vending machine in partnership with Aeguana, an award-winning product development and technology agency. Between us we took the brand’s idea and brought it to life so the brand could deliver a memorable user experience and interact with their audience. As part of the specification, the vending machine was also set up to deliver an automatic promotional discount card upon interacting with the machine. This entitled the customer to a discount and worked to drive footfall into stores.

To wrap it all up (see what we did there?), Raccoon ensured that the vending machine looked the part and was on-brand for Ted Baker’s visual direction for the Christmas season. We printed the skin for the machine and installed it to deliver an eye-catching focus in the shopping centres.

The 3 week tour traveled UK locations including Canary Wharf, Leeds, Cambridge, Westfield and Bristol.