Bespoke branding solution for Tiffany & Co product launch in London

Raccoon was excited to be approached by brand experience agency Mission to help deliver a new product launch event for luxe jewellery retailer Tiffany & Co. The brand was launching the Tiffany City Hardwear Collection into Europe.

The creative direction for the launch event followed on from the industrial, utilitarian, ‘street’ connotations of the City Hardwear range itself, and placed glamour into an urban warehouse themed location in Shoreditch.

The new collection was to be unleashed with the dramatic involvement of a huge gold-coloured wrecking ball smashing into glass. The ball was anchored to a 5 ton spider crane which enabled the moment – and this was where Raccoon came in. We were originally contacted by Mission as we are well-known for our brand production and wrapping expertise. They needed a partner to source and wrap the crane in matt black, to fit the edgy, urban theme.

How was this approached? The team found the perfect crane which was delivered to our HQ in its original red colour. Our install team then spent a week wrapping every single surface in a ‘super matt’ black film to transform it.

There were other practical aspects too that Raccoon took care of to ensure the launch went off with a swing (pardon the pun). Not only did we manage the logistics of getting the crane to and from its location, but a structural survey was undertaken at The Lofts venue to ensure the floor could take the weight of the remote control crane, and adjustments were made accordingly for Health and Safety.

To fit Mission’s brief, modifications were needed to the crane to create a ‘faux’ operator’s cabin. Raccoon’s bespoke fabrication team took care of this. This additional cabin provided the perfect branding opportunity for Tiffany & Co, and also featured one of two custom-made number plates that Raccoon created. These were designed and created to feature a pressed metal effect, and the second plate was seen on the truck.

Where did the truck fit in? This was an integral part of the launch, as the inside of the vehicle was used to display the Tiffany City Hardwear Collection range. Raccoon was responsible for bringing the interior of the truck to life and this involved replicating the warehouse theme. We supplied and fitted a seamless matt ceiling, a polished concrete looking floor and installed Tiffany & Co display plinths to the floor to house the Collection. The matt black and mirror gold branding was applied to the interior walls of the truck, and our team installed a gold lighting gantry onto the ceiling for the showcase lighting. All that was left was for models to spill out of the truck as the launch began for maximum theatre, and for guests to step on board to view the Collection…

This experiential live event for retailer Tiffany & Co is a great example of what Raccoon can offer as a brand production partner. From consultancy, graphic production and wrapping to project management and bespoke fabrication we have the expertise, passion and agility to bring even the most creative idea to life.

See photo gallery below of the event.