Raccoon awarded bronze at the 2018 POPAI Awards for Vivienne Westwood sustainable solution

Raccoon was appointed by Vivienne Westwood to deliver one key objective: to provide and install a wholly sustainable SS18 window display solution across 10 flagship UK stores.

This fashion designer has used her collections and catwalk shows as a platform to campaign for positive activism. She has spent many years speaking out about the effects of climate change and is passionate about the environment. Supporting charities such as Cool Earth, Environmental Justice Foundation, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, her pledge for Climate Revolution is strongly permeated throughout her company’s culture.         

As a result, the brand’s store installations are expected to conform to these aspirations. Raccoon’s challenge was to produce and install a sustainable solution for stores that not only delivered a striking visual impact but also championed this eco stance.

Raccoon collaborated closely with Vivienne Westwood to fine-tune the creative direction to enable us to specify and implement the ultimate sustainable solution, without compromising the brand messaging. 

The theme for this installation took inspiration from the runway show. Central to this was the designer’s ‘House of Cards’ print – a series of messages the brand is keen to communicate with the world and its customers about the Climate Revolution. It translates into a plan of action, and the first card (the Ace of Spades) would form the basis of the design treatment for the SS18 window displays and launch this concept.

Raccoon’s expertise and carefully chosen supplier relationships meant that we were perfectly placed to deliver this brief. To ensure a unified, on-brand installation across all the stores, there were four key elements that were executed. Firstly, there were 3D structural display elements (plinths, props, curved walls, back walls and wall structures). Secondly, there was a window film element that would bring the glass to life and help communicate the ‘Ace of Spades’ message. Thirdly, a coloured striping component served to compliment the overall creative treatment, and lastly, the walls and floors were transformed. The result was simple yet impactful.

How was this all achieved? Raccoon specified a range of materials that scored highly for sustainability. We chose materials that could be recycled, were non-PVC based, were 100% phthalate and chlorine free,featured low CO2 emissions and were manufactured in a way that had a low impact on the environment e.g. no toxic waste, fluorocarbons or halogens. In addition to specifying sustainable materials, the production process was also key to this brief. Everything was printed using our digital EFI VUTEk GS3250LX Pro printer. The ultimate in green technology, this printer produces virtually no VOCs, less waste and is renowned for its lower energy consumption.   The inks used throughout were selected for their non-solvent properties too.

Raccoon was responsible for the installation of the new window displays, and this was a further contributor in ensuring we delivered a successful sustainable solution. Our technicians are eco-conscious and trained to deliver best practice in this field.

What was the outcome? The results were exactly what the brand was looking for. We were praised for our initiative and expertise in ensuring all materials were eco-friendly without compromising on aesthetics or finish. Given the brand’s leading presence, Raccoon was able to support their focus in communicating the brand’s ethos and explicit environmental stand. This stunning installation is all set to engage the brand’s audience: a young,rebellious, artistic and cultured customer who is conscientious in supporting beautiful design and the brand’s eco aspirations. 

At the end of this installation, all materials will be re-cycled and re-used where possible.