Raccoon champions best practice sustainable brand solutions as POPAI member

Sustainability is a hot topic not only in the retail industry but in other sectors, and we have found that the challenges around this have moved up the agenda for our clients.

Raccoon launched its sustainable range as a way of providing solutions to brands looking to specify sustainable branding solutions as part of their eco aspirations.

As a POPAI member, we are in a strong position to understand innovation and best practice in the industry so that we can pass this on to you. We can make it easy for you to see what’s on offer regarding solutions derived from renewable sources and which are biodegradable. Retailers love that our branding solutions that can be re-cycled or re-used at the end of a season or promotion to reduce environmental impact. You won’t be comprising on the end result either as our range guarantees maximum wow.

Ask about our consultancy service which is geared to helping you measure and compare the impact of different solutions, so that you can make informed decisions that fit with your conscience and budget. Wouldn’t you be interested to know where you can make improvements? Making changes in your supply chain is a good place to start.

There are lots of simple changes you can make to fulfil your eco responsibilities, and Raccoon would love to help you keep on track with the standards that POPAI has set out as best practice.

Give us a call to find out more about the simple but worthwhile changes that are in your grasp.