Raccoon appointed as a Re-board partner

Raccoon is delighted to be awarded the privilege of being appointed a Re-board partner. In January 2016 we were selected as one of the few companies that can offer this revolutionary Swiss card-based product. Following several days training for our technicians, we can now offer this as a solution for projects such as exhibition units, shop displays, indoor signage and even branded chairs and tables.

Due to the print and production facilities we have here at our HQ in Kent, we are able to design, print and build practically anything. Re-board is remarkably strong but it bends and folds perfectly which means that so much is possible. We also loved the fact that it is 100% recyclable as a material, as we like to do what we can to reduce our CO2 footprint wherever possible!

There is a huge international Re-board network, which means that Raccoon is in the perfect place to collaborate with other like-minded creative partners. This means we can push the boundaries on what is possible, and bring you stunning ideas and solutions that will wow your audience.