349 Foxtons Minis rebranded in just 13 days!

A Foxtons Mini Cooper on London’s streets is an iconic sight, and Raccoon has enabled their brand to attract attention on the road for the past decade. Back in 2010, we applied the award-winning x-ray livery as designed by Nick Veasy. This ground-breaking design was created using actual x-rays of Mini Cooper car parts and became very well known. So how could we follow this for the 10th anniversary ‘Foxtons Mini’ rebrand?

Foxtons opted for a cool, retro styled design that paid homage to racing heritage with a Union Jack and racing stripes in the estate agency's brand colours.

Raccoon project managed every stage of the branding process and set up a base at Foxton's fleet facility. The Minis entered the warehouse to be washed and then moved on to be stripped of its existing livery and prepared for wrapping. Once stripped, it was over to the wrapping bays where Raccoon's application team were ready and waiting to wrap the retro design. The final part was a quick wash to make it sparkle before leaving the depot. Repeat this 349 times and the project was complete!

Managing Director of Raccoon, Richard Clark said 'We love working on the iconic Foxtons Mini fleet and this year was no different. We were very happy with the outcome of the project and it serves as a reminder of our ability to handle large fleets, sticking to tight deadlines. The rebrand also highlights the importance to revisit your branding, to ensure you have a fresh, memorable image that will stick in the minds of people that see your vehicles.'

Nicky Stone, Marketing Manager at Foxtons commented; 'The project was handled in an extremely professional and efficient manner and was certainly hassle-free. Thank you!'