Project Description

Cash & Rocket

Painting San Francisco red for the prestigious Cash & Rocket European tour

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The challenge

Each year, forty red cars and eighty of the most influential women from the worlds of fashion, film, music, art and business are handpicked to join Cash & Rocket. This tour takes participants to the most magnificent countries and endeavours to make a real difference to the lives of hundreds of women and children in need.

This high-profile event requires a branding partner that has extensive experience in wrapping supercars, under pressure.

The solution

This tour went stateside for the first time. Kicking off in San Francisco, it then journeyed through Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, before finishing in Las Vegas. We flew our highly talented A-team out on location to transform the cars. Maserati’s, Bentley GT’s, Porsche’s and Rolls Royce’s were all treated to a makeover in the iconic brand red, using an unrivalled MACTAC TuningFilm. This gave a remarkable high-quality finish and was perfect for rapid installation. The team also applied sponsorship decals to the cars to complete the transformation. Raccoon produced other branding elements such as flags to bring the event to life and line the streets. After the event, the Raccoon team unwrapped the cars to deliver them back to their natural state.

The result

This event is all about impact. We’ve worked with Cash & Rocket in the past and understand exactly what’s required. It’s about quality, speed and efficiency and we don’t compromise. It’s crucial that the brand has peace of mind during what is a pressurised build up. The finish is paramount, and the cars looked truly stunning at the starting line-up. Without the branding, it is impossible for the Cash & Rocket tour to create the wow factor and deliver the experience it is well known for.