The Ultimate Vehicle Wrapping Guide

Discover how you can transform your business vehicles into mobile marketing assets.

1000 x 791 px_Corporate_Foxtons vehicle wrap


If you're running a business or involved in marketing, the chances are you're stretched for time and could do with another pair of hands to help promote your brand and generate consistent leads.


It's unlikely that vehicle branding is high on the list of priorities. It might not have even crossed your mind!


Many businesses fail to recognise that their delivery or service vans can, with the right vehicle wrap, become valuable marketing assets, increasing brand visibility while out on the road.


If you've got a plain van, you're missing out on a marketing opportunity!


This guide will outline the benefits of vehicle wrapping and how, with the right design and message, it can rapidly increase your exposure and drive business your way.


You'll discover...

The benefits of vehicle wrapping for businesses

How wraps compare to other marketing methods

How to create a vehicle wrap design that turns heads

What to expect from a good vehicle wrapping supplier

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