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How do we print products at Raccoon?

At Raccoon, 99% of what we print uses modern digital printing methods to ensure that our customers receive the best quality printed products. Below we explain what digital printing means for you when you order off our store.

Digital Print

Put simply, digital printing is the term that defines exactly how ink is printed directly onto a substrate. This method is very similar to how your home colour printer works but in a much larger format!  

The main advantage of digital printing is that the technology is continually improving, with printer heads getting smaller, print quality getting better and printing speeds getting faster. This makes digital printing one of the quickest and most cost-effective forms of printing. With no need for pre-press costs for costly stencils or plates either, digital printing has a great advantage over traditional printing processes, like litho or screen printing. 

The digital printing equipment will generally print in a four-colour process, made up of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The image is being split into these primary colours and then printed as a set of patterns, or percentages of each colour. The inks used in digital printers are translucent because they can then be blended to create the shades in the original image.  

Our flatbed press is also able to print white, meaning that if you print the four-colour process onto clear substrates, you can add white to it to underpin the colour, making the image more opaque so that it stands out. We are also able to print on materials up to 50mm thick, so it's perfect for use on a wide range of materials. 

Digital printing really lends itself to personalised or custom-made print options, so whatever your printed requirements, the digital printing process can deliver exactly what you need. 

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