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Which cutting and finishing options can I choose from?

We have various cutting and finishing options available. Below you can see the options we have and the application they are best suited for.



 Die-cutting is a method used to cut out shapes on items such as our stickers. A steel-edged die (cutting template) is fed through the printing press to cut out the desired shape.  

CAD Cut 

CAD’ stands for Computer-Aided Design and this represents the method in which the design is mapped out and then created using a computer. Once the design is created, it’s then printed out and cut 



Once your product has been printed onto a material, it will be trimmed to size. This is done using the cutting methods mentioned above.


On some of our products, there is an option to add a hem. This is when the edges of the material are folded and sewn for a reinforced finish that will ensure the product lasts as long as possible. At Raccoon, we use a heat-welding method, which is the strongest option possible. 


You can also add eyelets to certain products such as our banners that will give you strong points to attach your banner to a wall or fence. 

Grams per Square Metre (GSM)

On some of our products, you will see the acronym GSM. GSM stands for ‘Grams per Square Meter’. A higher GSM means stronger and higher quality material. The higher the GSM number, the heavier the material. Some products will have a set GSM and some will have a drop-down list for you to choose the right quality for your needs.