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Which lamination options do you offer?

For some materials such as our floor, window and wall graphics, we can apply a thin layer of protective plastic depending on the products intended purpose. Here we explain some of these options.

Lamination not only protects the item but can also be used to gain a desired decorative finish (gloss, matt or satin). It creates a smooth top layer on the product and adds an element of water resistance. We have several types of lamination including...


Matt lamination gives a softer more natural look to a product. It also gives a slightly textured feel to the product


Gloss Lamination puts a shine on the product. It's a great choice when printing photo's or a text-heavy design as the image will appear sharp and have more contrast.


Normally used on floor graphics, anti-slip laminate has a rough surface that will ensure the surface doesn't become slippy and dangerous when wet. This laminate ensures that your floor graphics will meet safety standards and not cause any accidents.


This laminate is often used when applying graphics in an outdoor area that is accessible by the public. To ensure your artwork isn't vandalised, the anti-graffiti laminate doesn't let the spray paint dry on it so should anyone try, the graphic will be easily cleaned with a cloth.