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Which Print Media Materials can I choose from for my printed products?

We offer a huge range of different print media materials at Raccoon. Below is a list of some of our most commonly used materials and why we’ve chosen them for our store.


Paper, of course, comes in a wide variety of colours, weights, and textures, and is one of the most common materials used for print. 


We use PVC in a variety of our products such as our hanging banners and rigid foam boards. It's a high-grade, resilient plastic material known for its durability. It is waterproof and weather resistant, making this substrate ideal for outdoor signage, while its outstanding image quality adds maximum impact to various indoor applications. 

Perspex Acrylic 

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material with outstanding that is extremely strong and has excellent optical clarity. It is a highly workable material that works with adhesives and solvents and it has superior weathering properties compared to many other transparent plastics. 

We offer both clear and white material options and a variety of printing methods, which enable you to use the printed material for a variety of applications, including retail and window displays, exhibition displays, signage, wayfinding, and corporate branding. 


We use vinyl fora variety of products on the store and it can be transparent or white, making it extremely useful for window applications. The product comes with a sticky back and comes in either a removable, standard or high tac format. It can also be laminated for different uses, for example on a floor vinyl you may want an anti-slip laminate for safety.


Stickers are a fast and easy way to promote your business, product or event. They are similar to our vinyl products and can come with different levels of adhesive to suit your needs. Stickers can be square cut or cut to shape (die-cut) and are easy to apply without the need for a graphic-installer.


Self-cling stickers are our alternative to adhesive stickers. They use static to 'cling' to window surfaces meaning that no residue is left when they are removed. It also means that they can be used again and again.


Fabric or canvas prints are an excellent solution for high-resolution printing needs. It is a versatile material that can be used for a range of purposes such as being stretched around large timber frames for a high impact branding solution. 


Correx is an excellent product if you're looking for temporary signage that can be used indoors or out.  You will have most likely seen this product being used for estate agent boards but it can be used for all forms of temporary, easy to install signs. It is a tough, durable and impact-resistant board, available in a range of different options to suit specific project requirements.


Aluminium composite material (also known as Dibond or ACM) is a strong, durable and lightweight material, ideal for a wide range of display and signage applications. 

It is the product of choice for hoarding graphics and we have a special 'hoarding grade' material option available at a competitive price point. 

We directly print to the material using the latest LED cured digital print process. Image quality is in high definition and we closely match Pantone referenced colours. 

For added durability and protection of the printed graphic, we can apply laminate to the print. For hoarding graphics, we suggest selecting the anti-graffiti laminate.