Bring your interior environment to life

Bringing an interior space to life can feel like a mission. But what if we told you it is so much simpler than you could have imagined?  

Raccoon exists to help you make sense of your space so you can transfer your brand quickly, accurately and creatively.  We’ll start your story using the latest 3D scanning technology, and suss your space in seconds. Measurements mean momentum, as we can then get to work on visualising your designs. Everything at this stage is exact thanks to your scan, and so progressing into production is efficient and effortless…

We’ll help you transform walls, floors, windows, surfaces and campaign areas. Our large format print capabilities are limitless: if you can conceive it then we will produce it. Our talented fabrication team create props and structures for a complete solution, and our award-winning installation team will thread all these elements together and wow you with the end result. 

For us, it really is that simple. Our friendly project management team will look after you every step of the way too. It’s about collaboration, cost effectiveness and confidence – and we guarantee you will find this approach to transforming your environment a breath of fresh air.

Give us a call to find out more about how we can help you nail that gap between your creative idea and its reality. 

Retail - Adidas Sale Windows AW18
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Retail - Adidas Sale Windows AW18
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Retail - Adidas Sale Windows AW18
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Branding interior spaces
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Interior branding solutions - point of sale