The Raccoon Promo range

Superfast, self-install branding solutions for short-term promotions and pop-up shops

Raccoon’s Promo range consists of everything you need to get a promotion in front of your customers quickly and simply. These hand-picked short term solutions are primed to get your message and branding in the right place at the right time, with the aim to wow customers and inspire action in-store.

Our clients come to us looking for solutions that are re-usable and easy to install by shop staff. A quick refresh should never mean branded surfaces covered in bubbles and creases when this can be avoided. We can eliminate any need for glue based materials with our innovative gel coated solutions that could not be simpler to apply. A complete game changer, this multi-surface hero will transform not only your store but the way you think about branding solutions.

The Raccoon Promo range has all aspects of your promotional update covered and provides cost effective solutions for walls, doors, floors, windows and carpets. We’ve thought through what’s best for your store, your staff and your budget and feel really confident that we have an approach to branding that you will love. 

Re-usable, interchangeable and with minimal mess, this range is quick and responsive.

Or if you are looking for branding solutions that are less temporary, see our Raccoon Seasons range.

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Don’t just take our word for it!
"Red Nose Day is about fun and raising money for a fantastic cause and my car’s new design is certainly drawing attention! In fact, it is so shiny it is creating a bit of a sensation. It is unusual for such an exclusive luxury car to be ‘chromed’ in this way. I have been stunned by the number of Tweets I’ve had from people already and I am glad to say that it is all for a very good cause."
Theo Paphitis (Dragon's Den) - Comic Relief