Raccoon is renowned for delivering a creative approach to an event space, and we offer a complete solution to your brand production challenges.

You’ll be looking to transfer your vision into a memorable experience for your audience and bring it to life. From product launches, exhibitions and PR stunts to brand activations, interactive spaces and sampling, Raccoon’s experience is vast, varied and ‘can-do’.

You’ll be in safe hands and our team will make life as easy as possible for you. We offer an ‘end-to end’ solution if you need it, with the first stop being our game-changing 3D scanning service. We’ll start by scanning your space and obtaining a 3D representation of every surface and measurement so you know what you are working with. This is perfect for the creative services team to overlay your event’s look and feel so you can see the result well in advance of installation day. Our clients love how cost effective and collaborative this is, and how quickly it moves everything along. As soon as this is signed off you are well on your way to print and production!

We brand indoor and outdoor spaces and events, and can apply your brand and message to walls, surfaces and floors for example. Our talented fabrication team create 3D structures and we can meet your prop requirements too. And don’t forget, Raccoon owns Promohire – the UK’s number one promotional vehicle supplier. A VW camper van, double decker bus or tuk tuk can definitely add a different dimension to your event…

We’d love to partner with you on the your next event so contact us to discuss your big idea!

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