5 retail branding ideas to help you save space

By Chris Morell on May 22, 2024 10:35:14 AM

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Retail branding ideas to help you save space

With space at a premium, retailers must use every inch effectively. Otherwise, it could mean a cluttered environment that’s frustrating for customers and staff. Thankfully, retail branding can be done without taking up any room at all – and it all comes down to using the right product for the right surface.

These retail branding ideas will help convey your message and save precious space at the same time.

What is retail branding?

Retail branding is when a company develops a ‘brand identity’ for their stores. It’s done using visual elements like logos, images and colour schemes, together with large format printing. A strong retail identity will attract the right customers and help the business stand apart from the competition, encouraging customer loyalty.

Most retail branding strategies create a unified look across multiple stores, in terms of colour, products and promotional materials. It's about making the brand easy to recognise, and using graphics to create the right environment.

Shop branding should: 

  • Hint at who you are and what you stand for
  • Align with the company's goals and values
  • Help you connect with your customers
  • Be instantly recognisable, even from afar
  • Enhance how you're seen, to help drive sales

Retail Branding - Graphics on the back wall

5 space-saving retail branding ideas

Retail store branding is about making a big impact. The tips below will help you create a strong identity while optimising your shop’s layout.

1. Turn heads with a striking window display

You don’t need much room to make a storefront window display, and if you’re strapped for space, the whole thing can be done using high-resolution window graphics. Easily applied with printed vinyl (and with eco-friendly options available), window films can promote awareness and new products, and be used for seasonal decorating.

Window films are incredibly thin and easy to remove. If your storefront features a large window, you can make a memorable display that stands out to drivers and pedestrians, without using valuable real estate!

Retail Branding - Window graphics

2. Set the mood with decorative wall graphics

A plain wall can be turned into a gorgeous vista, a lively public scene, or a relaxing mural depending on what you’d like to achieve. You can make it patterned or a block colour, or use it to advertise the latest product. Wall graphics can be placed on virtually any surface, including brick, giving you the chance to advertise without bulky plinths, stands or cut-outs.

They can also make your retail branding more interactive. Include details about a free prize draw or company giveaway, or create a photo opportunity with printed hashtags. Either way, the results could get people engaged and sharing your brand on their social channels.

3. Take your retail branding outside

If you own some of the land outside your shop, you could use it for advertising. If not, you can apply to your local council for a license to use pavement signs. Options include A-boards, as well as bladed, feather and teardrop flags that flutter in the breeze. These can help you reach new customers from further away.

Did you know...? Some wall graphics like Mactac Brick Wrap can be used outside. By decorating the wall or building façade, you can get your retail store branding seen without taking up room indoors or having to apply for a license. It’s guaranteed to impress!

4. Look to your floors and ceilings

Retail branding strategies tend to involve plain floors, and that’s a shame. Printed vinyls make it simple to extend your ideas downwards, and with anti-slip and scuff-resistant products readily available, they’re safe and durable for everyday use. Floor graphics are affordable too, with a 2 by 4-metre sheet of Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 Graphic film costing as little as £200.

Floor graphics for store retail branding

Alternatively, consider using a large format custom banner. Hung from the ceiling, these can provide information, display a friendly message, or highlight in-store zones and products.

5. Ditch the bulky marketing materials

If you’re keeping old stands and boxes of unused leaflets lying around, then you’re wasting space. Your most important info can be printed on durable rigid media and then hung from a wall for customers to see. A Correx or PVC foam board can complement any retail branding strategy, whether it’s for a point-of-sale display or to explain your latest promotion.

Too much clutter will only make your shop branding less effective. That’s why you should consider which items to keep, and if you can convey your message while using less space and fewer materials. 

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