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10 questions to ask before choosing a vehicle wrap company

Looking for a vehicle wrap provider you can trust? Use these 10 questions to find the wrap company that's the best fit for you. These questions will ...

9 min read

Case Study

349 Foxtons Mini's Rebranded In Just 13 Days

The time critical rebranding of 349 Mini's for leading Estate Agent, Foxtons established Raccoon as a key supplier for over a decade. Find out how we ...

2 min read


Can I brand my leased vehicle?

Can you brand a leased vehicle? Yes, you can brand a leased vehicle. Wrapping is the best way to change a vehicles colour without violating a lease ...

4 min read


How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

How much does a vehicle wrap cost? The average cost to wrap a car is between £1500-£2500, whilst the average cost to wrap a van ranges from ...

6 min read


How much does it cost to build a street food vehicle?

A street food vehicle build costs £20,000-£30,000. The vehicle, design, power, plumbing, conversion, branding and staffing requirements affect final ...
Case Study

How Vehicle Wrapping Helped Big Wipes Stand Out

Client Big Wipes explains how fleet wrapping their cars and vans helped their brand to stand out in an already crowded market.
Case Study

Susan's Cruisin Cuisine: How Susan built her dream street food van

Find out how Susan built her dream street food van, including sourcing, conversion, customisation, power, plumbing, branding and problems she ...

The complete guide to buying a food truck - where to start

Our step by step guide to buying a food truck will show you how to get started and help you to avoid common pitfalls along the way.
Case Study

The Tabasco Pick Me Up truck

A giant bespoke sandwich PROP mounted on the roof of the vehicle was the star attraction to this vehicle, where wrapping meets constructions face on.

3 min read


The ultimate guide to street food trucks

For anyone thinking of starting a food truck business but doesn't know where to start, we've created this comprehensive street food trucks guide!

The Ultimate Guide to Van Wrapping, Signage & Signwriting

Are you planning to get your van wrapped? Learn all about the options available, from basic signage to full wraps, and receive helpful tips to get ...

The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Wrapping

From choosing the right provider to designing your vehicle wraps, check out the latest edition of our popular guide to vehicle wrapping.

10 min read

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