Bespoke Car Wrapping & Colour Change

Perfect your luxury or motorsport vehicle with our bespoke vehicle wrap services. 


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Does your treasured vehicle need a visual upgrade? Transform it quickly and affordably with a bespoke car wrap from the Raccoon team. You won’t have to worry about any longwinded processes, because we can handle the creative stuff for you. Even better – all of our car vinyl wraps come fully guaranteed, so you can drive away with complete peace of mind. 

Is Bespoke Car Wrapping Right for You? 

Your luxury vehicle means a lot to you, but you may have fallen out of love with its colour or finish. Or you could just be an avid car lover who wants to stand out at the next motorsport rally. You could take your vehicle in for respraying, but the results will be permanent, and the work may be expensive. If this option seems less than ideal, then a vehicle wrap may be just what you need. 


A bespoke wrap will last for up to five years and it won’t damage the paintwork underneath – in fact it safeguards it! 


Unsure which option is best for you? See our guide on car wraps vs resprays for all the info you need to make an informed decision.  



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Luxury Car Vinyl Wraps 

A luxury vehicle is more than just a car. It’s also a statement, and one that should always fit your own personal style. A bespoke wrap empowers you to change your vehicle to do just that, be it in one impactful colour or a standout design with a unique touch. Your vision won’t be limited either; choose any shade or design and we’ll apply the changes using high-quality vinyl in a matte, metallic, gloss or satin finish. 

800x589 px_Premium Wrap_Gumball Rally supercar
Rolls-Royce-Gumball-3000-Rally-Mirror-Chrome-Wrap-Luxury-car- Raccoon
800x589 px_Premium wrap_Before vintage vehicle wrap
Ferrari-Gold-Blue-Supercar-Wrap-Gumball-3000-Rally- Raccoon-1

Motorsport Graphics 


You need a high-impact design that sets you apart from the competition. But how can you be sure you’ll have your vehicle ready in time for the big day? And can you really be sure the results will be just as you envisioned?


Here at Raccoon, we’ve been the authorised branding partner of the Gumball 3000 rally for over decade and wrap over 100 supercars year in, year out. In other words, we’re an established name with a rich history and the skills to back it up. 



800x589 px_Premium Wrap_Vintage car in racing livery


Classic Car Styles 


Want to replicate classic car liveries and racing stripes? You’re in the right place. Bespoke car wrapping can give your vehicle an eye-catching design without affecting the bodywork. Be it Gulf Oil, Castrol or Martini, we’ll apply any artwork you need in for the big event. And because we use vinyl from premium manufacturers, you get the best results possible to leave a lasting impression. 



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Getting Started Is Easy 

You’re just three steps away from giving your vehicle a new lease of life. 

1. Get an Instant Quote: Use our pricing calculator to get a quote for your project. You can choose from various options to see a price that’s fully bespoke to you.


2. Book a 30-Minute Design MeetingOne of our in-house graphic designers will bring your visions to life on screen. Their friendly guidance and customer service ensure you get the best results possible!


3. We’ll Wrap It: The Raccoon team will wrap your vehicle quickly and carefully, as agreed with the designer. Either drop your vehicle off at our Edenbridge headquarters or ask us to pick it up and drop it off for you. If you need a replacement vehicle in the meantime, we have you covered. 



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All bespoke car wraps include premium films as standard, come in a range of colours and finishes, and feature no-quibble aftercare. 

Detailing & Dechroming

The Finishing Touches!

From £500


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Targeted wrapping of wing mirrors, wheel arches, stripes and more in a complementary colour. We also dechrome wing mirrors, bumpers, grilled and window surrounds. 

Colour Change Wrapping Services

Express Yourself!

From £1,700


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Transform your car into the vehicle you always wanted by choosing the perfect colour and finish. Then take to the road, thrilled with the results.

Special Projects & Classic Cars

Make Your Vision a Stunning Reality!

From £2,500


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Create a bespoke car vinyl wrap with the help of a graphic designer or submit your own artwork. Ideal for luxury, motorsport, and charity events.

Previous Bespoke Car Wraps 

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Latest Updates 

Our learning centre is packed with useful resources if you want to learn more about car vinyl wraps, costs and services, and a whole lot more. 

Everything you need to know about car wrapping


  • What types of vehicles do you wrap?

    We provide bespoke car wraps, dechroming and detailing for all prestige and sports cars, including Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and Tesla.

  • What colours can you wrap my car in? 

    Premium vinyl film from Oracal, 3M and Avery Dennison ensure your bespoke car vinyl wrap is the best it can be. 

    • Oracal’s 970 premium wrapping range includes 96 colours available in gloss and matt (Black also comes in super matt) 
    • 3M’s wrap film series 1080 has 101 colourways and effects, including flip colours, textures, matte, satin, gloss, sparkle, and chrome. 
    • Avery Dennison’s supreme wrapping film comprises over 100 colours and finishes, such as pearl, gloss pearl, satin, satin metallic, gloss, matte metallic, matte, extreme texture, diamond, gloss metallic, ColorFlow SatinTM and ColorFlow GlossTM. 
  • What’s your turnaround and delivery time? 

    You’ll need to leave your vehicle with us for at least two days so that we can complete the wrapping. We may need slightly longer if the design is complex, or you require us to wrap interior areas of the car as well – this may take up to a week. 

  • What if my car is second hand? 

    If your car is vintage, second hand or over ten years old, there are two things to consider before going ahead with a bespoke car vinyl wrap: 

    1. Paintwork Stability 

    Over time, a car’s original paintwork will become unstable. If it’s over ten years old, there’s a risk that a bespoke vehicle wrap will damage the original paintwork when removed. You need to consider this before going ahead. 

    1. Vehicle History 

    It’s important to consider the history of your car before undergoing a vehicle wrap. If there’s been previous damage to parts of the car, such as stone chips, abrasion or rust patches, there’s a possibility that paint and/or lacquer may come away when the car wrap is removed. 

    We do wrap premium vintage and second-hand cars, but it's important to understand the potential impact of the wrap on the paintwork before proceeding. 

  • Do I need to wash my vehicle beforehand? 

    Yes, we recommend taking time to prepare your vehicle before it comes in wrapping. Washing vehicles with warm soapy water and taking care to clean the hubcaps and wheel arches provides a clean, grime-free surface.  

  • Can you wrap internal areas of the car as well? 

    We can wrap the door shuts, door cards, boot lining and even interior trim, like the centre console. However, due to the intricate nature of these areas, they take more time and skill which is why they are an additional cost. For example, wrapping the internal door areas of a two-door car costs approx. £600. 

    If this is something you would like to include as part of your car colour change or graphical wrap, then please let us know when you request a quote. 

  • Do you remove parts to complete car wraps? 

    We often remove door handles and wing mirrors to achieve a seamless, high-level finish to your bespoke car vinyl wrap. All our technicians are trained in the process. 

  • Is there a risk of damage to the car’s paintwork during wrapping? 

    We never cut material directly on the paintwork of a car, and use a knifeless tap to eliminate the risk of damage during the application process. 

  • What if my car already has paint protection film applied to it? 

    We can apply bespoke car wraps over clear paint protection films (often fitted to wheel arches, bonnets and bumpers of prestige vehicles). 

  • How long with a vehicle wrap last? 

    When applied by a professional using premium wrapping film, bespoke car wraps can last at least three years. We have had cars come back to us for unwrapping after more than five years and they have still been in great condition. 

  • Do I clean my bespoke vehicle wrap like normal paintwork? 

    As long as you choose a premium film for your car vinyl wrap, you can clean the surface normally.