How much will your project cost?

Let's break down our pricing structure.



Transparent pricing bespoke to your project

We know that it's important for you to know if our prices match your budget, which is why we always try to be open and honest about the cost of our services.


For some services, like large format print products and vehicle wrapping, we can offer accurate quote estimates online.


If you're working on a more bespoke project, then we will have to agree the full scope of the project before we can produce a cost.


We always want to work around your budget, and can offer suggestions and advice to ensure that you get the most out of your money.


What affects the cost of your project?

Your project is unique, and the total cost will depend on many factors. Here are the main 3 factors to consider:


1. The size of your project: A larger project might require more time or involve more team members, which would increase the overall cost.


2. The materials required: Some materials cost more than others, and both the quantity and quality will attribute towards the total cost.


3. The type of services needed: We offer a whole lot of optional services to give your project more flexibility. Some of these services cost more than others.


We can always make recommendations to ensure that you make the most out of your budget.





The cost of vehicle graphics & branding

We like to be straight up about our prices. That’s why we have created our pricing calculators which give you instant quotes for business vehicle wrapping and bespoke car wraps.  


Our costs include a free 30-minute design consultation as standard, as well as printing and installation of the vehicle wraps.


More bespoke projects, like vehicle conversions or wrapping vintage cars, require bespoke pricing, and we’ll be able to provide a quote once we know more details. 

Commercial vehicle wrapping

Get a free instant quote online with our pricing calculator. Simply enter the make and model of your vehicle, choose your graphic coverage, and a quote will be produced on screen. 


We offer discounts for multiple vehicles and fleets. 


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Bespoke car wrapping

If you're looking to wrap your car or personal vehicle, you can use our simple online quote calculator.


Enter the make and model of your car, along with the wrap coverage you're looking for, and a quote will be produced on screen. 


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Commercial vehicle conversions

We need to have a good understanding of what you're looking for in order to offer a quote. Send us an enquiry, and we'll be able to provide pricing.


Check out our guide on street food van conversion costs to get a rough idea of what you can achieve with your budget.


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The cost of printed graphics and brand production

You know that no two campaigns look the same. That’s why we offer custom pricing for your project.


Let us know your budget and what you’re trying to achieve, and we can offer advice on products and materials that give you the most value for your money.  

A large format poster being printed.


Large format printing 

You can find all pricing and order large format print products directly from our online store


If you have a complex or bespoke order, you should send us an enquiry with details about your projects. Once we have a good understanding of your needs, we will be able to produce a quote. 


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Brand activation & production 

Full brand production is always a bespoke service, and we need more information about your project to offer a quote.


You can visit our large format printing store to get a feel for our prices, but your best bet is to send us an enquiry so that you can discuss the project with our team. 


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Promotional Vehicle Hire Costs

Our sister company Promohire’s pricing for promotional vehicle campaigns and brand activations depends on a number of factors:

  • The type of vehicle you are looking to hire
  • How long your campaign is
  • How many locations you’re planning on visiting


If you’re planning sampling activity, a roadshow or an experiential event, get in touch with Promohire to find out more about pricing. You can use their budget calculator to get an instant price estimate or enquire to get a custom quote for your project. 


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Pret a manger vehicle - pricing for promotional vehicles


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Tell Us About Your Project

We'd love to hear about your project, whether it's about plans to grow your fleet, wrapping your personal vehicle in a bespoke racing livery, or organising your brand's first pop-up.


Send us an enquiry to start the conversation with our team today!


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