The power of window graphics | A beginner's guide

By Chris Morell on May 17, 2024 11:10:34 AM

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Beginner's Guide to Window Graphics and Window Films

Want to grab attention with high-impact visuals? You don’t have to spend over the odds or spend days arranging the perfect office or storefront setup. Instead, you can achieve exactly what you need on a budget using window graphics! With the right design, you can turn a simple pane of glass into a vibrant and eye-catching display.

This guide explains how modern window films can help your business, and looks at some of the best products money can buy.

What are window graphics?

Window graphics are visual elements, printed on films which are then installed on glass or Perspex. These graphics are used to form attractive storefronts, promote awareness, and help with privacy. Window graphics are completely custom-made, so you can have any design, imagery, colours or information you want!

Window film materials are kind to surfaces and relatively simple to install. Some adhere to the external part of the glass, while others are reverse printed for indoor use. It all comes down to the product you choose, as some films are more durable than others.

Window Graphics - Frosted window cling Window Graphics - Colourful window films

What can you achieve with window graphics?

If you’ve never used decorative window films before, you’re probably wondering what makes them special. Read on to find out!

1. Create the right atmosphere

No one likes a dull environment, so it’s worth adding a touch of style when you can. Creative window graphics can do wonders to make a waiting area feel less clinical, and it creates a cosier vibe for meeting rooms and breakout spaces. That’s why office, retail and coffee shop window graphics are so popular!

2. Enhance privacy levels

Office meeting rooms often feature wide glass panels, and while that helps with soundproofing, it does little for privacy. Decorative and frosted window graphics can obscure these areas, giving a hint of privacy without blocking the view entirely. Companies often use window graphics when they want to hide stock rooms and staff areas.

3. Enjoy easy marketing

Window graphics tend to include images, logos and text that enforce your branding. They can showcase products, highlight bestsellers, and even advertise the latest deals. How you use your graphics to attract attention is up to you! By placing vibrant images and illustrations on a storefront window, you might turn interested locals into paying customers. Now that’s an effective use of your vertical space.

4. Design temporary displays

While some decorative window films stay up for years, others are limited to offers and holiday sales. You can build a wintery display, go bright and colourful in springtime, or print a vibrant summer landscape. Window films let you do all this without blocking the view, so they’re easily the best choice when it comes to festive shop window graphics.

5. Pay only what you can afford

The amount you pay for your graphics depends on size, finish, and production time. A 2x2 metre section of Mactac frosted window film only costs around £160, while a 4x4 metre section of their one-way film with glass protective laminate costs about £600. So, you can always pay more for bigger visuals or spend less on something smaller.

Static Cling Window Film - Great for window graphics Storefront Window Graphics 2

Which window film is right for your project?

From vinyl lettering to full window displays, there’s no end to what you can achieve – but you will need the right product. Here are some of the popular options:

Frost effects - Frosted window graphics are often very simple, looking like etched glass. But in fact, Mactac frosted window film can be used with any patterns or imagery you like. That makes it good for window displays, privacy screens, bars and restaurants. Frosting adds a slight sparkle, but you can choose a dusted effect if you’d prefer a matte finish.

Scratch resistance - Some films are more durable than others, and if you want your window graphics to last, then you may want to go with something like Drytac ViziPrint scratch-resistant film. You can apply it externally, or have it placed internally to protect it from the elements.

One-way vision - A perforated window film means your design will only be seen from the outside! That’s ideal when you want to make a big statement but would like an unobstructed view of the outside world. Mactac One-Way Vision film is perfect for big, imposing designs that won’t block the light or cause workplace distractions.

Static cling window films – If you’re worried about the application process, or exactly where to place your graphics, then static window clings are for you! They’re easy to apply and can be placed time and again without losing their stickiness. That said, static clings aren’t built to last, so they’re best used for promotions, events, and campaigns.

Frosted Window Graphics 2 Window Graphics - Cutout graphics on glass

Ready to improve your space with window graphics?

Our store includes the most innovative window films on the market. These include non-PVC options, short-term graphics, and films designed to last for many years.

Just choose the size you need, along with cutting and finishing options, then use the design tool to upload your imagery or get started with our existing templates. If you have a unique project in mind, get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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