How vehicle wrapping helped Big Wipes stand out

By James Weber on Apr 6, 2023 9:40:28 AM

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Is vehicle wrapping worth the hype? Will customers actually care? How will it actually benefit your business?

It's understandable to feel cautious about investing in vehicle branding, which is why we've asked client Big Wipes to explain how wrapping their vehicle fleet helped them to stand out in an already crowded market.


Who are Big Wipes?

"Big Wipes as a brand was conceived to satisfy the mobile cleaning demands of the busy tradesman", says Nigel Dibbo, Marketing Director.

The company offers a range of all-in-one cleaning wipes for hands, tools and surfaces to legions of customers across the globe.


What did Big Wipes want?

Big Wipes operated in a crowded market where standing out meant everything. The company was well aware of the power of effective branding and wanted to extend that advantage everywhere they possibly could. 

"The brand ethos is based on impact" Nigel continues, "We need to standout from the moment we drive on to a customers premises."

"The wrapping was such a logical extension to looking amazing in the flesh and looking amazing on wheels."

Big Wipes wanted to replicate their product branding across their fleet of cars and vans so set about looking for an ideal partner. 

"We picked Raccoon based on recommendations from Cube Studios our graphic designers"


How did Raccoon Help?

Working in partnership with Cube Studios, we helped Big Wipes to settle on a design geared for maximum impact.

The large font high contrast lettering for "Big Wipes" maximises visibility, whilst the high quality image of the the product in action instantly demonstrates to passers by just what a big wipe is and what it does.

Incorporating the companies brand guidelines the design goes on to showcase the most important product USPs using standout colours and contrasts, that aren't common on British roads. 

The result is a stunning full wrap - a real head turner. Raccoon printed the wrap and installed variations on the original design across Big Wipes entire fleet. 


What was the result?

"They all look amazing! And they look consistently amazing!" Nigel continues. "The wrap lasts, we've never had any problems, the team think they look amazing, the customers think they look amazing and they are just a joy to see."

"As far as the sales team, the vehicles help them stand out in an already crowded market" says Jack Knight, Sales Director.

"We get a great reaction on the road, we get a great reaction from our customers, and when we do trade days and attend demo events our customers will specifically ask the sales team 'Oh please could you bring one of your branded cars or branded vans.'"

"So would would we recommend Raccoon?! Of course we would recommend Raccoon!" Exclaims Nigel. "The vehicles look amazing and they make it very easy to get what we want. They work well with our design company and they absolutely deliver."


Are you interested in maximum impact?

If you want to rebrand your fleet to maximise brand awareness, talk to us. We offer FREE design consultations aimed at transforming your fleet into enquiry magnets.

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Written by James Weber

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