How to choose the right display products for your pop-up event

By Chris Morell on May 28, 2024 2:40:01 PM

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How to choose display products for your pop-up event

Your pop-up event must attract as many people as possible. The right approach will turn curious attendees into paying customers, but the wrong approach could do the opposite – leaving you with bulky, expensive items that fail to meet your goals. Have no fear! This guide explains how to choose the right display products, whether you’re planning a pop-up event, product launch or brand activation.

We’ve also included links to promotional items you may find helpful. These can all be fully customised with your branding, colours and imagery!

6 ways to select the best display products for your event

Learn how to get eyes on your brand using affordable display materials.

1.    Decide your event goals early

By nailing down what you’d like to achieve, you’ll know what materials you’ll need for a successful campaign. If you’re trying to educate people, for example, your pop-up event must be as informative as possible. This lends itself to clear messaging and printed leaflets or samples for people to take home. You might also want to add comfortable furniture to keep visitors around for longer.

If it’s all about brand awareness, then you want to make a big impact quickly. A large exhibition stand will help your event stand out at a busy location, especially if you have a bold printed design that complements your branding.

2.    Plan for the location

What you buy might depend on where you’re holding your pop-up event. An indoor venue will shelter guests and marketing materials from the wind and rain. In turn, you won’t have to worry too much about coverage or how weatherproof your products are. Indoor venues can get very busy though, so consider using vibrant colours, lighting and designs that make a big visual impact.

An outdoor venue might need a different approach. On rainy days, staff and visitors will be glad for a pop-up gazebo or parasol, which can also provide some shade on hot summer days. Custom flags will look great fluttering in the breeze, and these can be spiked into the ground or displayed on a base.

Pop-up event display products - Gazebo Pop-up event display products - parasol

3.    Consider the size of the event space

Do you know how many feet of space you’ll have to work with? A wide area offers more flexibility, but you’ll still need to use that space effectively. A lone, portable stand might look out of place in a spacious area, but you can finish the look with custom banners and a large background display. Likewise, it’s easy to make a small area feel cramped. Get an idea of the venue’s size so you can scale your event accordingly. In some cases, less is more!

You can also get clever with storage. This magnetic pop-up counter features internal storage, so you can store items like samples or leaflets while saving space at the same time.

4.    Think about engagement

If you want your pop-up event to engage visitors, then you might need more than a few branded banners. Think about how you can get people talking, both online and off. You can use graphics to create a photo-op that’s instantly sharable on social media, but if your event’s more of an exhibition or brand activation, then consider an interactive kiosk or digital screens.

A great way to make your event or pop-up exhibition stand out is with samples and freebies. You could also make an interactive game or prize draw that entices people in and makes your event even more memorable.

Product display - A background for a pop-up event Gamification for a Pop-up Event

5.    Assess your budget

If you’re just doing a couple of indoor pop-up events and don’t care about durability, then you could save money by using cheaper, low-quality materials. But do you really want to compromise? Plenty of options are both affordable and strong enough to survive multiple campaigns – and you might even find use for them years down the line.

Some budget-friendly options include this double-sided display tube, available for just over £200, and this Entry R roller banner from just over £72.

Alternatively, this magnetic pop-up display can come with a pop-up frame, a case that doubles as a display table, two stand lights, and more for under £600. That could be all you need!

6.    Pick the right vendor / supplier

Before buying your display products, find out how the seller can support your pop-up event, exhibition or brand activation. Can they fully customise your products on your behalf? Are they easily reached by phone or email? If you have specific requirements or need your products urgently, then you’ll need a company that goes the extra mile.

Every pop-up event or marketing campaign is different, and not everything is easy to find online. That’s why it’s worth choosing a supplier like Raccoon that can offer a bespoke quote, for a bespoke service.

Display for an event

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