Office decoration ideas to enhance your workplace

By Chris Morell on Oct 22, 2021 12:45:37 PM

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Office decoration ideas to enhance your workplace

Do you want to tempt your staff back into the office? It’s not enough to simply demand it.

You’ll need to build a welcoming space that sets the mood and encourages people to come together. But how can you do this quickly and without spending more than you’d like? See these office decoration ideas for inspiration, ranging from permanent office wall graphics to short-term display products.

All products listed here are 100% customisable to suit your colours, company branding and creative vision.

Why should you decorate your office?

Office decoration ideas 1 - office wall graphics

An office makeover can breathe new life into a plain working environment. The choice is yours; draw the eye with a logo and strapline, show off achievements and awards, or decorate using company colours and exciting imagery. You could:

Impress clients – First impressions count. Think about what a visitor sees when they first arrive. Is everything white and boring? Office decorations will make your company more memorable, and just as importantly, they show clients and investors that you care about what you do.

Inspire your staff – Does your office encourage staff to do their best work? No one can stoke the fires of creativity in a dull, prison-like environment. By making your office decoration ideas a reality, you can stimulate the minds of your staff and help boost their productivity.

Improve efficiency – An office makeover offers the opportunity to think about layout, including where furniture and desks should be. By deciding this before you start your office decorating project, you could save important space and make the office feel both exciting and new.

Get started with these office decoration ideas

Stuck for inspiration? These simple and cost-effective decorating ideas could help.

1. Get creative with office wall graphics

Office Decorating Ideas - Wall graphics

Think of a wall as a blank canvas. With the right pattern, image or design, you can transform the look and feel of the whole workspace. You could go with the trendy exposed brick effect or ‘zone’ certain areas with different coloured paints. While painting is a good office decorating idea for those on a tight budget, wall graphics will let your creativity run wild!

You can have any design, pattern or image printed and cut to the exact size needed for an eye-catching display. For the most impactful office wall graphics, why not check out the Digimura-1 One Piece wall covering? It can instantly transform your blank wall into a moody cityscape or calming forest mural.

2. Brand glass partitions

Office decoration ideas 2 - branding glass partitions

Are your meeting rooms made with glass partitions? If so, this presents an opportunity! Use window graphics to install a clever design like your company logo, a simple pattern, or unique and uplifting imagery. Alternatively, frosted window films let people see that a room’s taken while discouraging them from looking in.

Drytac’s ViziPrint scratch-resistant film can last for years without damage, and that makes it perfect for office decorating. By decorating your private meeting room, you’ll have a high-end space to bring clients and investors, and the ideal space to brainstorm ideas.

3. Hang posters, canvases, or rigid media

Office Decorating - Posters and rigid media

Custom posters are cheap and cheerful but lack durability. That’s why they’re usually found in stores and shop windows. But wait – you can still use them to decorate your office! In fact, they’re great for decorating small rooms and office hallways. Just add a touch of class by mounting them in glass picture frames.

Canvases are another popular choice, often paired with mounting strips that are easy to remove. If you have a bit more to spend, you could choose rigid media like PVC foam. Great for signage and exhibitions, these can also be used to make strong and durable office decorations.

4. Reuse promotional content

Do you have branded materials tucked away from an event or trade show? It might be time to get them out. Otherwise, you can always have a roller banner custom-made. These banners on wheels can be fully branded and placed wherever you like, and either decorative or packed with useful information

Combine these materials with an everyday tension banner or exhibition stand and you’ll have quirky elements that are ready to go! Perfect for reception areas and waiting rooms.

Office Decoration Ideas - Using promotional prints

Extra office decorating tips

Here are some more fun ways to make your office into a bold company showcase.

  • Create themed areas that reflect each department's unique roles
  • Incorporate colour psychology, like calming greens and exciting yellows
  • Use floor graphics to direct visitors, create zones or add more colour
  • Add small desk plants and larger floor plants for communal areas
  • Create branded mugs, glasses and office stationery
  • Install artistic lights, such as LED strips and statement pendant lights
  • Add interactive elements like videos, touch screens and tablet stations

Enhance your office with custom printed products

Visit our online store for pricing, products, and to buy online. We have everything from decorative office wall graphics to frosted window films and 3D display products – all to make your office decoration ideas a reality. To ensure your items stay on budget, you can pick your preferred size, finish, cutting options, production time and shipping method.

You can then upload your artwork or create a new design, ready for print. Alternatively, ask for a bespoke quote and we’ll be happy to help.

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