Sales promotion tips | Using print to help drive sales

By Chris Morell on Jun 11, 2024 11:32:24 AM

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Sales promotion tips - How to use printed products to drive sales

With online stores growing more popular each year, retailers must work harder than ever with their sales promotions. Thankfully, traditional methods like posters and banners do still work! They’re great at winning over bargain hunters who usually buy online, but they’re most effective when used to attract, educate, and inspire.

We recommend using printed materials because they reach the right people, at a much lower cost than pay-per-click ads. Read on to learn all about sales promotion techniques and what quality prints can do for your brand.

What is a sales promotion?

A ‘sales promotion’ is a type of marketing designed to attract customers, usually through discounts and rewards. The goal could also be to sell old stock or promote brand awareness. Sales promotions only work when it’s clear what’s expected of the end user, with simple yet impactful materials that can easily be viewed from a distance.

So what does a sales promotion actually do? For one, it encourages customer loyalty. In fact, the promise of future rewards is one of the best ways to get people to sign up for a company newsletter or loyalty program. A good promotion can get new and old customers alike to engage with your brand in new ways.

What is a sales promotion?

5 ways to use printed products in your sales promotion

Below are some of the top sales promotion techniques – all of which involve large format printing. If any of these resonate with you, we’ll be happy to provide the products you need.

1. Display vibrant media with clear messaging

Some sales promotion techniques are very simple – like using big white text on bold red backgrounds. Others are a bit more creative. Either way, your prints should always be consistent with your company branding. Clear, engaging fonts are a must, and any images you use should be of a high resolution. No one wants a blurry image!

Consider the type of material before you print. Blueback posters, for example, are designed to prevent show-through. You could also choose paper of a higher ‘GSM’, which stands for grams per square metre. The higher the number, the heavier the paper will be. A heavier, more durable product might be better for longer promotions.

You can customise posters using our free online design tool. Just type in your text, select your background or upload any design you already own.

2. Combine products to build unique displays

Sales promotions work best when they include various display items. For example, you could blend A1 posters, vinyl stickers and window films to create a unique window display. Many retailers use vinyl graphics in this way to get customers in the door.

These can form decorative patterns, high-res imagery, or elegant wording. Why not browse our range of window films to see if anything catches your eye? Perforated window films can be viewed from one side only, while static films are easy to move around quickly – there really is an option for everyone.

Sales Promotion Tips - Window Display

3. Bridge the gap between print and online

According to Ofcom, we’re all online for more than four hours a day. So, it makes sense to promote your campaign there too, doesn’t it?

While it’s tempting to just make a social media post, you could get much better results by creating a large, interactive print. Build a breathtaking scene, create a funny display with a QR code or hashtag, or print a vibrant backdrop that’s ideal for taking selfies – it’s up to you!

If you own an interior space, why not look into customisable wall graphics? Printed on vinyl films, these are easy to put up and quick to take down at the end of your promotion.

4. Get creative with guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing isn’t about shock factor or taking over shopping centres. It’s about using unconventional methods or designs that get people talking. While some brands have used flash mobs or handed out joke items, the best guerrilla campaigns put design front and centre.

Example: Burger King once printed an image of a mouldy whopper. Doesn’t sound too appetising, does it? But when taken with the strapline ‘The beauty of no artificial preservatives’, you can see how they’d attract customers who care about natural ingredients.

If you can be controversial in a similar way, then all you’ll need is an outdoor poster, billboard or display banner for your design. It’s as easy as that!

5. Print out a memorable setting

The best sales promotion techniques provide visitors with real value, and that’s why free samples are so effective. Attendees get to try something new or take something home with them. That creates a memory and helps your brand to connect on a human level.

You can build a memory in other ways too, like using prints to create a fun or even exotic environment. Put up colourful posters, banners and cutouts, then complement them with non-slip floor graphics – that last one’s especially great for brands targeting a young and playful crowd.

A PVC Cutout for a Sales Promotion 231_SpotOn_Floor_200_500x500.jpg

Get printed materials for your next sales promotion

Now you’ve seen our ideas, you probably have a few of your own. Next, you can use those ideas and apply them to a design that will push your sales promotion to the next level. Just visit our online store to get started. Everything you can buy is measured, printed and cut to your needs. You can also upload an existing design or come up with something new using our online tool.

Everything you need is just a click away!

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