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By James Weber on Jun 7, 2023 12:47:31 PM

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Illusory swimming pool floor graphic

Apart from use as branded directional signage, floor graphics are an excellent way to advertise your business, service or product to potential customers. They are also used by many galleries and museums to create jaw dropping interactive displays.

Creative insight is something businesses spending significant capital on advertising could really use to level up their marketing and create real impact. It's not enough to simply slap your branding on a floor graphic, why should anyone care?

A truly eye-catching design stops passers-by dead in their tracks; allowing you to make a strong impression on someone who will remember your brand and standout creativity.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to kick things up a notch for your next event, promotion or campaign this article is for you. We’ve assembled our top ten creative picks for floor graphics that you can use to stimulate those creative juices!



10. Kraken Tentacle

Using a floor graphic in a retail environment is a great way to capture customer attention.

In this case, Kraken's signature mascot the stylised black and kraken, entices and leads customers through the alcohol aisle, to their branded rum.

Exploiting curiosity is a great tactic, in this particular example, the tentacle literally guides customers through the aisle, conveniently distracting them from investigating other brands in the aisles. 



coffin floor graphic anti smoking Singapore9. Singapore Cancer Society

Advertising agency Dentsu Young & Rubican were asked by the Singapore cancer society to help raise awareness of the dangers of smoking.

Legally designated smoking areas in Singapore are usually square yellow boxes. Dentsu modified this design for it's own campaign, mimicking the smoking areas, but with coffins instead. 

Needless to say, the campaign did extremely well, and attained viral status as a great example of guerilla marketing. 


8. Motrin Pain reliefmotrin-pain-floor-decal-e1400861951152

A little humour can go a long way when it comes to connecting with customers.

In this example Motrin ensures it's brand stands out from competitors with a comical design appearing to show someone crushed beneath the shelf!


elevator-floor-no-floor-illusion-graphic7. Bottomless elevator

Imagine walking into  this...! There are numerous examples of illusory elevator floor graphics but this This 'Mission Impossible' style ad in Japan is probably the best.

Having your ad where people have any boring down time is always a good idea.

Suddenly a mundane elevator is transformed into an exciting photo op!

Tie an exciting illusion with a great tag line and you get social media breaking pics like this that extend the value of your campaign far beyond your initial investment.



6. Pedigree dog foodpedigree-dot-chow-floor-decal-560x410

Pedigree is one of the most well known pet food brands on the market, synonymous with premium quality foods for premium loving pets.

It seems that even dogs have brand loyalty if this viral photo is to be believed! 

This simple ad provided pedigree with amazing value for money.

If you were to buy 10 similar sized graphics it would only cost about £60, 100 of them is still only around £400, a very small price to pay for an excellent return!


homer-simpson-donut-escalator-floor-graphic-e14008629317315. The Simpsons Movie

This ad is brilliant on a number of levels.

Firstly, it's in a place where people are momentarily inactive, and therefore more prone to boredom and distraction.

Secondly, it ties in brilliantly to both the character it pays homage to and the physical characteristics of the medium it's applied to.

Thirdly: it's hilarious! Imagine riding down this elevator watching Homer Simpson consume an endless supply of donuts, you can almost hear him just looking at the picture!




newquik-hopscotch-floor-decal-560x4204. Nesquik 

Another great use of floor graphics in a retail space, Nesquik's ad stands out for it's appeal to it's target audience.

It's also interactive, allowing kids to interact with their favourite brand in a fun and exciting manner.

And what awaits you after a quick game of hopscotch? Why only your favourite chocolate milk, win win!


3. Tapei Universiade

This jaw dropping illusion was a Taiwanese ad for the Universiade in 2017, an Olympics equivalent for international university level athletes. 


This stunning floor graphic transforms metro trains into swimming pools with commuters appearing to walk on water.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 115349

The use of extremely high resolution photos is what allowed the designers to achieve the 'uncanny valley' effect you see here.

It almost looks like it's photoshopped, but it was part of a real campaign to drum up hype in Tapei after the city was selected to host the international competition.


luggage-stair-floor-decal-560x8402. Time To Thaw

Time to thaw was a tourism initiative set up in the hopes of enticing Chicago residents to flee the brutal winter and "thaw out" in sunny South Carolina.

Also known as the 'windy city' Chicago is well known for it's winter's with temperatures often plunging as low as -20°C.

Graphics like these were strategically placed in particularly cold spots such as parking garages for maximum impact. 

One standout of these graphics is the realism and the randomisation of the suitcases. It isn't a repeating pattern, making it more disruptive and distracting to the brain.

For a split second you might wonder why you are confronted with a stair case made of suit cases, then you realise it's a pun, and chuckle to yourself about sunny Carolinian humour.


1. Frontline

Frontline is a well known brand that sells flea, tick and de-worming treatments for dogs and cats.

Created by Perwanal Saatchi & Saatchi, this giant interactive floor graphic was pasted to the ground floor of a shopping mall in Indonesia.


As people walk across the graphic they bring the display to life, appearing as the parasites the Labrador is desperately trying to remove. 

It's not hard to see why this incredible ad made it to number 1 on this list. This relatively simple graphic is another highly effective example of great guerrilla marketing in action, and is still fondly remembered more than a decade later. 


How do I get a custom floor graphic?

Getting floor graphics as large as the Frontline ad isn't easy, you need an experienced service with specialised equipment. 

At Raccoon we are lucky enough to have supersized printers able to tackle projects like these, and we don't impose size restrictions on our orders. 

Whether you just need something small like the Pedigree example or a giant graphic capable of covering an entire mall, we are able to scale with your ambition.

Check out our floor graphics for more or the Raccoon Store to view our full range of custom printing services.

Got any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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