Painted wall murals vs printed wall graphics: which is right for you?

By Chris Morell on Jun 12, 2023 3:49:39 PM

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Wall murals vs wall graphics digimura-1 one piece wall covering

Looking to turn a blank wall into a visual masterpiece? Then you may be interested in wall murals and wall graphics. Both options can add a personal touch to a living space or breathe new life into a busy workplace. But which is better, printed wall graphics or painted wall murals?

This guide looks at these options in detail, so you can decide whether you’d like to paint your space or print out your custom graphics instead.


What are wall murals?

Wall murals are large-scale artworks that are often painted by hand. They can also be digitally printed, however, so there’s no reason you can’t have a mural made entirely out of vinyl wall art. Whatever it’s made of, a mural typically acts as a key focal point or immersive environment.

Think breath-taking landscapes, natural scenes, and abstract artwork. The options are endless! Home and business owners use wall murals to express their values, personalities, and unique sense of style.

Wall Murals vs Wall Graphics

What are wall graphics?

Wall graphics, also known as wall decals or wall stickers, are digital designs which are printed out and applied with adhesives. They can be any size, so they’re great for small and large spaces alike. Most wall graphics, including those in the Raccoon branding store, are made with high-quality vinyls that stick to indoor and outdoor surfaces, depending on the product chosen.

Advancements in digital printing have made it possible to achieve sharp, high-resolution images and precise cut-outs. These allow for custom wall graphics, wall stickers and decals that are truly unique.

Wall graphics vs wall murals - graphics applied to a brick wall

What are wall murals and wall graphics used for?

Below, we look at some of the most common applications.

Home décor - If you want a crisp and impactful design for a bedroom wall, wall graphics are the answer. Your custom design could be as simple as stars, a name, or butterflies – or it could be more elaborate like a beach or forest effect.

Commercial spaces - Businesses use wall graphics for branding and to make offices, shops, restaurants, and hotels more appealing. In most cases, these murals will consist of printed graphics. And if you'd like to turn a plain brick wall into a colourful mural, try Mactac brick wrap. It conforms to the rough texture, and it’s much easier to remove than paintwork!

Public spaces – This is where painted wall murals come into their own. Most public murals are made using stencils and spray cans, and with some effort, they can add a splash of colour to built-up areas. They also tend to express social and cultural messages.

Hospitals & day care centres – Wall murals in clinics and hospitals are meant to be healing, so they tend to feature natural scenes and uplifting imagery. Day cares and nurseries sometimes have wall decals and stickers, but most murals are hand-painted to add a personal touch.

Event spaces – Custom wall graphics serve as focal points and branded backdrops, so they’re commonly used for activations, exhibitions, and other events. If you’ve got an event coming up and need high-impact visuals, printed in a high resolution, then you may need a large format printing partner to ensure it’s done professionally and on time.

Wall graphics printed in a waiting areaDrytac wall mural graphics

Why choose wall graphics over a painted wall mural?

Painted murals can be beautiful in the right setting, but we consider printed graphics the superior option. Find out why below:

1.Wall graphics are the cleanest choice

Paints allow you to show off your artistic side, but they also make a big mess. Graphics are digitally printed and cut into shapes and patterns, either using a plotter or a laser cutter. And because they’re stuck on, you won’t have to wear special clothes or cover your floors or trims.

2. Graphics are easier to install

When painting a mural, the artist must prepare the surface, usually with a primer. Wall graphics come with detailed instructions and can easily be applied using a peel-and-stick method. Drytac removable wall films even let you reposition your graphics without losing adhesion, making the whole process easier than ever!

3. You can easily remove wall graphics

Vinyl murals and stick-on wall graphics can be swapped out whenever you like, be it weeks, months or even years down the line. Unlike paintwork, your wall graphics won’t be permanent. As a result, landlords are more likely to agree to vinyl wall art than painted surfaces.

4. Painted murals demand time, talent, and skill

Not everyone can be Leonardo da Vinci, and with printed graphics, you won’t have to be. You will have to take care with the application, but it’s much easier and far less time-consuming than getting out the paint can and brush. A great result with a bit of care – no artistic skill needed!

Drytac polar grip wall graphics A brick wall mural wrap applied using wall graphics

Make your space stand out with our custom wall graphics!

Now you know why wall graphics could be the best choice, it’s time to see the options for yourself. Our online store lets you choose from various products, including the Digimura-1 One Piece Wall Covering – the perfect way to create a custom wall mural using a single sheet of wallpaper.

All of these products are highly customisable. Click the link below to see our wall graphic products for yourself!

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