Project Description

Deliveroo #Roocopter 1

Find out how we brought Deliveroo’s latest experience to life

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The challenge

Deliveroo planned a one-day PR stunt to promote their brand and launched the #Roocopter 1, the world’s first helicopter dining experience. Flying at 1000ft over London’s landmarks, “Europe’s highest restaurant” treated Deliveroo fans to the 20-minute experience with a takeaway of their choice.

To bring this idea to life, Deliveroo required a branding partner with extensive wrapping experience to apply their iconic livery to the helicopter.

The solution

Raccoon’s talented installation team took just 3 days to wrap the #Roocopter 1. They made light work of the bodywork intricacies to produce an outstanding finish, using a film that was designed to provide superior conformability around rivets, curves and contours. For durability and vibrancy, the finish also involved a matt over-laminate protective film. This was a challenging installation process, requiring several practical considerations. For example, the 65 metres of vinyl added an extra 35 kilos to the weight of the helicopter and so it was important that the Roocopter 1 was re-weighed to ensure it conformed to health and safety regulations. Nothing was left to chance with the wrapping process as we utilised our 3D laser scanning technology at the outset to capture every surface and measurement.

The result

Raccoon’s collaboration ensured Deliveroo delivered a stunt that was highly impactful. Our team brought this campaign to life and ensured the #Roocopter 1 was memorable and iconic. Transforming the Agusta 109 Grand Helicopter into the #Roocopter 1 created not only an exciting experience for fans, but an opportunity for Deliveroo to provide cut through in a competitive sector.