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Design artwork that's good to go

The design of your vehicle establishes who you are as a brand, and what you do.


While businesses may have designs in mind, in applying them to the vehicle they find that their plans need to be adjusted to fit the panels and door frames, which can slow down the wrapping process unnecessarily.


Creating and refining designs in a template for your specific vehicle can ensure that your vans can be wrapped quickly to get back on the road.


We have a library of over 1,000 UK vehicle wrap design templates - just let us know the make and model of your vehicle and we'll send them straight to your inbox!


Sounds great! Where do I get my templates?

Are you ready to create designs that are:

Accurate to the measurements of your vehicle model?

Taking into account door placement & window frames?

Completely customised to your brand identity?

In a ready-to-go compatible production format?

What will I get?

Simply fill out the form below, providing us with the make, model and a photo of your vehicle and we'll send you matching vehicle wrap design templates from our extensive library.


The templates will be shared in PDF and Adobe Illustrator (AI) format, so you can either sketch out your ideas or apply layered images and text!


We'll also share some tips to get you started on using the files as well if you're new to applying designs to a vehicle.


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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the template library that we use, we are only able provide templates for vehicles based in the UK.