Tips for branding your commercial fleet

By Richard Clark on May 4, 2022 4:51:37 PM

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Tips for branding your commercial vehicle fleet

Branding a commercial fleet is a great way to build trust and grow your company’s reach. With an attractive design applied across your entire fleet, your vehicles will be easily recognised while out on the roads. That’s the power of an effective wrap! But how can you be sure your design will be consistent and that your wrap will be value for money? 

Tips for branding your commercial fleet

Here are our tips on branding a commercial fleet. These will help you avoid common pitfalls, and get the most out of your fleet rebranding project.

1. Review the options based on your budget

You can wrap your fleet fully, partially, or brand it with simple graphics like signwriting. Full wraps cost the most because they use a lot of materials and demand the most work. Partial wraps cost significantly less but the design may be limited, while signwriting is the cheapest of all. If you’re unsure which option to choose, our guide on vehicle wrap costs might help. 

When wrapping a fleet, some wrap companies like Raccoon offer discounts per vehicle. This can save you a huge amount of money, so it’s worth asking what your supplier can do, and if they’ll offer deals that cater to your budget.

2. Design for brand recognition

Commercial fleet branding is different to designing for a single van – and it all comes down to intent. What works for a handyman may not work for a large brand looking to become a household name. So, while some growing companies do well with decorative wraps, filled with contact details and bullet points outlining what they do, your brand may need a different approach. 

Think about your brand’s most important colours and the placement of your logo. Is everything clear and easy to read? Brand recognition isn’t about bombarding people with information – it’s about high-impact designs that look sleek and professional.

Branding a commercial fleet of vehicles - Blue City

3. Share your designs with your supplier ASAP

A good supplier will do more than just install your wraps to a high standard. They should also be able to help you get the most from your creative project. For example, simple changes to a design can have a big impact on the complexity of your fleet rebrand, and this in turn can affect how much you’ll pay. 

They should also explain which parts of each vehicle will be wrapped and which sections are best left blank. Door handles, for example, are high-touch areas and prone to wrap failure. 

Bumpers are quite often damaged, so depending on the design and vehicle model, it might be best to leave these unwrapped. This will keep the wrap looking good if damage occurs, and the repairs will be cheaper overall.

4. Brand your vehicles before distribution

It’s best to brand your commercial fleet vehicles before handing them over to the drivers. This cuts out logistical problems like having to sort out replacement vans, and it could save you time and money.

Here at Raccoon, we often brand entire fleets as they turn up at the dealership or PDI centre. It’s a simple step that makes life less complicated for everyone, and a forward-thinking approach that your drivers are bound to appreciate.

HPC - Branding a commercial fleet before distribution

5. Ask about warranties

There’s no point in branding a commercial fleet just to have the wraps fail a few months later. That’s why most good installers use premium vinyl from manufacturers like 3M, Arlon and Avery Dennison. These each provide a manufacturer warranty, though they’re not always transparent or likely to pay out in case of damage caused by wear and tear. 

When it comes to fleet rebranding, we often use Arlon products because of the company’s track record for quality and fast response times. In fact, we’re in direct contact with them. 

In the unlikely event something goes wrong during the warranty period, you’ll be covered on a sliding scale. That means if a wrap’s covered for 3 years but fails after 18 months, you’ll be paid around 50% of its value. Discover more in our comparison of vehicle wrap warranties.

See how much it'll cost to brand your fleet

Most wrap installers will only provide an estimate once you’ve started doing business with them.

We make it easier by providing a helpful pricing calculator. 

Companies all over the UK use it to see how much they should budget, based on the number of vehicles owned and the type of wraps needed. It factors in per-vehicle discounts and includes the cost of a 30-minute design session.

Click the link to instantly generate your on-screen quote! You may be surprised by how much you’ll save.

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