How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

By Richard Clark on Dec 10, 2020 3:16:39 PM

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How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

If you've been trying to find out specific vehicle wrap costs, you're probably feeling pretty annoyed. Whilst there are loads of companies online willing to give you a quote and promise you the world, there aren't many companies that are upfront about vehicle wrap costs on their website.


As a vehicle wrap specialist, we understand why companies aren't transparent about their costs and we also understand how frustrating that can be for you, as you end up asking half a dozen companies for a quote and having to guess what you think a fair price might be.


It is hard for companies to predict exact costs as many factors go into the cost of a vehicle wrap, but many times pricing is not transparent simply because companies are afraid that you will be scared off by upfront pricing or that competitors will undercut them.


At Raccoon we think that's silly, so in this article, I will explain how much vehicle wrapping costs on average, the factors that drive vehicle wrap costs up or down and how to find a vehicle wrap company that's worth the cost. 





Vehicle wrap cost guide 


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The average cost to wrap a car is between £1500-£2500.

The average cost to wrap a van ranges from £1500-£3000.

If you are wrapping a fleet of vehicles at the same time, the cost per vehicle will often be less. For example, if you plan on wrapping a fleet of 21-50 vehicles, you could expect to get a 10% discount. 

Prices will vary from project to project, so we have provided the average range in pricing that we see at Raccoon across several types of vehicle wraps. We can’t vouch for the cost of other suppliers, but we are definitely cheaper than Yiannimize!


Full Van Wrap cost 

  • A full van wrap will generally start from £1,600 for a car-based van like a Citroen Berlingo, but if you are wrapping a fleet of vehicles at the same time, the cost per vehicle will often be less.

 Personal car wrap cost 

  • Personal projects on the other hand, such as a block colour change of a Porsche or Maserati, could cost between £1,800 and £2,300.

Smaller wrapping project costs 

  • For smaller vehicle branding work such as signwriting and graphics the costs are often much less, starting at £500. However, if you already have a design in mind, large format printing businesses can produce the printed vinyl for you to apply, saving on installation costs. 

 Car & Van wrap costs for businesses

Vehicle Simple Lettering Partial Wrap Full Graphical Wrap

Small car
(Ford Fiesta/Vauxhall Corsa/Mini Cooper/BMW 1 series/Audi A1/Mercedes A-class Hatchback)




Medium car
(Vauxhall Mokka/Ford Mondeo/ BMW M3/ Audi S4/Jaguar XF/ Mercedes E-Class)




Large car
(BMW X5/Land Rover Discovery/Range Rover/Mercedes GLE, GL, G-Wagon/Audi Q7/Volvo XC90)




Small van
(VW Caddy/Citroen Berlingo/ Ford Transit Connect/Peugeot Partner/Renault Kangoo/Vauxhall Combo/ Mercedes Citan)




Medium van
(VW Transporter/Ford Transit Custom/Renault Trafic/Mercedes Vito/Vauxhall Vivaro/Peugeot Expert/Citroen Dispatch)




Large van
(Mercedes Sprinter/VW Crafter/Ford Transit/ Peugeot Boxer/Renault Master/Vauxhall Movano/Citroen Relay)





Premium Colour Change Wrap costs for personal cars

Vehicle Gloss/Matt Colours Metallics & Special Finishes Custom Designs

Small car (Ford Fiesta ST3)




Medium car (Vauxhall Mokka)




Large car (BMW X5)




Please note that VAT is not included.




Pricing Guidance: Vehicle Wrap Cost Factors 


The prices above provide a benchmark for what to expect when assessing vehicle wrap costs and the level of investment required. However, depending on the type of project you have in mind, there are a few other factors to consider that may have an impact on cost – and the overall quality of your wrap.  


Does vehicle size affect the cost of my wrap?

the larger your vehicle, the greater the amount of vinyl needed to wrap it, and the greater your costs will be.


This is reflected in the table above, though bear in mind it doesn't cover larger vehicles such as caravans, lorries, trucks or HGVs.


How vehicle wrap complexity affects cost


A vehicle wrap will usually cover the main panels of a car or van. However, for a seamless colour change across the vehicle, it is possible to have additional areas such as the interior door frames, grilles and bumpers wrapped as well as any aftermarket parts such as sills and spoilers.


This may cost more as it is a delicate process and will take longer to complete – but the continuous colour effect will look faultless.   


How does material finish affect the cost of a vehicle wrap?


The overall cost of a vinyl vehicle wrap will depend on how adventurous you’d like to be with special effects and finishes. 


Compared to a standard colour change (i.e. from white to blue), vinyls with the additional properties outlined below are likely to increase the cost of a project: 

  • Metallic finishes - £20 to £40 per metre.
  • Matte finishes - £20 to £40 per metre.
  • Two-tone colours - £20 to £40 per metre.
  • Textures – including velvet - £20 to £40 per metre.
  • Carbon fibre - an expensive choice costing around £60 per metre. It is often used for small details, such as wing mirrors or spoilers.
  • Chrome finishes - very expensive, costing at least £100 per metre.

Confused? Learn more about vehicle wrap finishes and find the best vehicle wrap material finish for you.

It is also important to do your research on the materials that suppliers are using, particularly if their pricing seems lower than you were expecting. Look for established brands such as Arlon, 3M and Avery Dennison, which provide high-quality vinyls that are proven to last and come with their own warranties.  


The hidden cost of low quality vehicle wrap materials 


Low-quality wrapping materials can actually cost more in the long run, as they are more prone to bubbling and lifting, reducing the integrity of the wrap. So if you pay less overall for a wrap, you may need to get it rewrapped more frequently than paying more for higher quality materials.   



Will the condition of my vehicle affect the cost of a wrap?               


While the price of the wrap will remain the same, you have to factor in the cost of repairs needed to allow wrapping to take place.


Damaged or rusty bodywork will need to be taken care of for a perfect wrap. Rust will prevent vinyl wrap from adhering whilst deep scratches or dents will be visible after wrapping.


It could cost you anywhere from £20-£50 to fix scratches or small dents to thousands of pounds if a body panel is severely rusted or in need of replacement. 



Does previous vehicle wrapping affect the cost?


Any previous wrapping will need to be removed if you are going for a rewrap, which might add to the end cost. However, many companies will remove wrapping for free if they installed it themselves.



Does design support increase the cost of a vehicle wrap?


Design support will increase the cost of your wrap, but may well be essential for you if you don't have the ability to create wrap-ready artwork yourself or via your organisation.


For businesses and more complex personal projects, such as installing racing liveries, design is key to ensure that your branding and decals are set in the correct place and that the artwork sits nicely across all panels of the vehicle.  


A good vehicle wrapping supplier will provide templates for you to start creating designs and advise on the artwork before it goes into print.  


However, if you do need more support with imagery and creating artwork that is consistent with your product and service, design support will be an additional cost to consider. Some suppliers will offer design packages depending on how developed your brand is, so if you need advice and inspiration, make sure you factor this into your budget.  


Does vehicle wrap warranty affect cost?

A vehicle wrap warranty might not affect your initial cost, but it could affect how much you pay down the road in terms of wrap maintenance or repair needs. A good vehicle wrap company will use established vinyl brands that come with their own product warranties, protecting you in case of a fault with the product.


However, that only covers you in case of product failure, not user error, so make sure you find out what your wrap installer's aftercare policy is too, to ensure you are protected if something goes wrong.


A trustworthy company will have a strong team of highly skilled vehicle wrappers and will be happy to look after you in case of any mishaps. 



How much does it cost to notify the DVLA of my vehicle wrap?


It doesn't cost anything to notify the DVLA of a vehicle wrap, but make sure that you do notify them by updating your registration certificate (V5C).


Legally, you are only required to update your name and address as far as the DVLA is concerned, but it is wise to add any colour change in case of theft or loss, as it will greatly speed up the vehicle retrieval process.


You should also check your insurance policy, as they may need to be notified about any changes. Keeping these records up to date, prevents any costly penalties down the road.



How much does it cost for an eco-friendly vehicle wrap?


Generally, eco-friendly vehicle wraps cost about the same as regular wraps, so there isn’t much of a trade-off.


However, it is important to consider that in many ways green wrapping is still in it’s infancy. Wrap backing sheets are recyclable, but the actual wrap often is not. So while the sheet is free from PVC, the wrap won’t often be.


Technology is steadily improving though, with the use of water-based inks such as latex, drastically reducing the environmental impact of printing a vehicle wrap regardless of recyclability.




The true cost of a vehicle wrap


So whilst vehicle wrapping starting costs are easy to identify, there are other elements to consider before putting together a design and brief for a vehicle wrapping company.


Lack of experience and low quality materials are often the hallmarks of companies quoting you a cheap wrap. If the price sounds too good to be true, it usually is, meaning you are in for poor quality workmanship. The wrap design may not line up properly with your vehicles body panels, giving a jagged or uneven appearance, and it is likely to fade or peel in only a few weeks or months.

Quality craftmanship produces a seamless end result. No peeling, no air bubbles peel and quality materials that will stand you in good stead for years. This is why it's worth doing your homework before you commit to a wrap company.


At Raccoon, we are passionate about educating our readers and potential customers: we want to provide you with as much information as possible in order to help you find a vehicle wrapping service that best suits you.

That's why we decided to save you a whole bunch of time by doing your homework for you! 

Read 10 questions to ask a vehicle wrapping company. You can use these questions to screen vehicle graphics companies for quality and professionalism. The guide will quickly help you see who is worth the cost and who isn’t.

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