How much does a van or car wrap cost?

By Richard Clark on Dec 10, 2020 3:16:39 PM

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How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

Want to know the cost of a wrap without the big sales pitch? We get it, and that’s why we’ve created this guide. You’ll discover how much the average van or car wrap costs in the UK, and what factors affect the price you’re quoted. 

Read on for an honest rundown of car wrap prices and van wrapping costs. With our help, you’ll know exactly what to budget for, so you can get the bespoke or commercial branding wrap you always wanted.





What's the cost to wrap a car? 


The average car wrap costs between £1,600 and £3,000. That’s for full wraps, but half or ‘partial’ wraps will cost significantly less. So, while it may cost £2,300 to fully wrap a Vauxhall Corsa, it would then cost around £1,500 for a half wrap.


If you only need simple graphics, such as logos and text to the side of your vehicle, then you’ll pay even less. In fact, prices for signwriting and simple graphics cost as low as £570. You won’t get a full wrap, but you’ll still look professional and build a name for yourself out on the road! 


What's the cost to wrap a van?

Van wrapping costs vary, but the average price is between £1,900 and £3,200. That’s an excellent deal, considering your design could be seen up to 18 million times a year if driving intercity routes.

As with car wrap prices, you’ll pay less for half van wraps and signwriting. You’ll also pay slightly less per van when wrapping a fleet together. For instance, we’ll reduce the price per van when you have three or more vehicles in need of wrapping. It’s just economical that way!

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What's the cost of bespoke wraps and colour change?

Colour change and bespoke car wraps cost between £1,500 and £1,900. An Alfa Romeo 8C would cost around £1,500 to wrap, but just over £370 if you only want detailing like stripes, de-chroming, or a carbon fibre finish. So, there’s plenty of scope to get the look you want at your preferred budget. A full colour wrap covers the whole exterior, and it’s still more affordable than respraying your vehicle.

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Car & van wrap costs for businesses


Vehicle Graphics  Half Wrap Full Wrap

Small Car
Toyota GT86/Peugeot 208 GT Line/Renault Captur/Seat Leon/Kia Picanto/Hyundai I10




Medium Car
Mazda 6 Saloon/Kia Soul EV/Jaguar F-Type/Honda Civic/Mini Cooper Countryman/Volkswagen Golf Mk 8/Skoda Octavia Estate




Large Car
Audi S3 Saloon/Bentley Continental/Kia Stinger/BMW M3G20/Jaguar XF/Kia Proceed/Vauxhall Astra GS Line Touring Estate




Small Van
Citroen Dispatch L1H1/Fiat Scudo L2H1/Fiat Talento L1H1/Hyundai i-Load L1H1/Iveco Daily L2H1/Ford Transit Custom L2H1/Mercedes Citan L1H1




Medium Van
Citroen Relay L3 H2/ Ford Transit L3H2/Renault Master L2 H3/Mercedes Sprinter L2 H3/Maxus Deliver 9 L3 H2




Large Van
Mercedes Sprinter L4H3/Renault Master L4H3/VW Crafter L4H3 





Premium colour change wrap costs for personal cars

Sports car - how much does it cost to wrap a vehicle


Vehicle Custom Half Wrap Full Wrap

Small Car
Hyundai I10/Kia Picanto/Seat Leon/Toyota Argo X




Medium Car
Honda Civic/Kia Soul EV/Maserati Ghibli/Seat Leon Estate/Skoda Octavia Estate




Large Car
Audi S3 Saloon/Bentley Continental/Jaguar XF




Please note that VAT is not included.



What affects how much a van or car wrap costs?


1. The size of your vehicle

The larger your vehicle, the more vinyl needed to fully wrap it. This is because more material will be used for the project. So, you can usually expect to pay a bit more to wrap lorries, trucks, and HGVs.

2. The complexity of the wrap

Some wraps are naturally more complicated than others. For example, you may need interior door frames, grilles, bumpers, sills, and spoilers wrapped for a seamless colour change. All this work will probably cost more, but the continuous effect will be faultless!


3. The type of finish you choose

Van and car wrap prices can depend on the choice of finish. A matte, metallic, textured, or two-tone finish can cost between £20 and £40 per metre. Carbon fibre, often used for small details like wing mirrors and spoilers, will cost around £60 per metre. Chrome will cost at least £100 per metre.


4. Design support needs

Unless you’re confident you can download and edit a vehicle template yourself, you’ll need a graphic designer – and this can cost between £300 and £600. They’ll provide advice and inspiration, and ensure liveries and decals are placed correctly. Choose a wrap company with in-house designers for the best results.


5. Previous wrap removal

A rewrap means taking the old wrap off first; a job that can increase your car or van wrapping costs between £300 and £600. It’s worth getting a quote from the company that installed your original wrap, as they’ll know which material was used and how strongly it’s adhered to your vehicle's bodywork.


Minis - How much does it cost to wrap a car


Is it worth wrapping your vehicle?

Yes, and we can’t think of a time when a business would lose money by wrapping a vehicle. Once applied, the wrap will do its job each time it takes to the road. That’s in stark contrast to pay-per-click advertising, which can run into the thousands per week – with no guarantee it’ll even reach your target audience! For a detailed comparison, check out our guide on vehicle wrapping ROI vs traditional advertising


Beware of cheap vehicle wraps!

You want a gorgeous wrap at an affordable price, but if a price sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. A very low cost might indicate a drop in print quality, a short-cut in the print process, or a compromise on the quality of the vinyl itself. Low pricing also suggests they’ll spend less time with your vehicle than they should. 

If you’re having one or more vehicles wrapped, then you want the job done right – no exceptions. So, give yourself the advantage with our guide on the 10 questions to ask your wrap supplier. If their answers are clear and honest, then you’ll be more confident in the quality of their services.


Get a quote with our pricing calculator

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