Top 10 Gumball 3000 Rally Wraps

By James Weber on Dec 14, 2023 5:56:55 PM

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Trying to find the best Gumball wraps ever? If you want to see never before published designs you're in the right place. 

Racoon was the official Gumball 3000 Rally branding partner for 10 years, but we never really published the 1000s of Gumball images or hundreds of designs we applied during that time.

In this article, I'm going to share what I consider to be our top 10 designs from those 10 years, leaving you inspired, motivated or downright awed! 


10. Ferrari Portofino in Gold and Blue livery

Ferrari-Gold-Blue-Supercar-Wrap-Gumball-3000-Rally- Raccoon

Simple yet understated, this gold and blue design highlights the contours and curves of this Ferrari nicely. Despite the use of Gold and blue, the Ferrari doesn't look ostentatious, it looks refined and elegant, definitely worthy of a mention on this list!


9. Ferrari 458 Urban Art


"Buy or die!" proclaims this radical urban wrap design. This particular wrap really stood out for the unique artistry in its totally original design. The choice to use graffiti as an art style on a Ferrari was very bold.


8. Mercedes SLS AMG Colour Line Art


Looking light some kind of multi-coloured comet, this dazzling Mercedes SLS AMG takes our number 8 spot.


7. Team Galag Lamborghini Murcielago


Another urban art style entry, this Murcielago looks like something you might see in a videogame. The giant purple Bull on the hood fits well with the Lambo's wild nature.


6. Rolls Royce Mirror Chrome Rolls-Royce-Gumball-3000-Rally-Mirror-Chrome-Wrap-Luxury-car- Raccoon

Although it's about as ostentatious as a Bond villain's personal car, there's no denying, this Rolls Royce pulls it off! The mirror chrome pairs perfectly with the natural metal finishes across the car and would probably blind anyone within a hundred metres if this picture wasn't taken in the UK!


5. Batmobile Tumbler 

Batmobile-Tumbler-Gumball-3000-Rally-Wrap- Raccoon

This wrap makes it to number 5 on this list partially because it was just such a unique and awesome project. The wrap itself features an intricate gun metal smoke motif, adding a bit of subtlety to a very unsubtle vehicle. 


4. Bentley Continental GT V12 Tron Neon Wrap


We wrapped 4 cars for Team On the Run in 2023 and they all looked amazing, however at the risk of including too many Ferraris and Rolls on this list I decided to showcase the Bentley. The Tron-inspired design also glows in the dark, mimicking the unique styling of the original movie.


3. Ferrari 296 Snake Skin Wrap


Yes, this is the 3rd Ferrari on the list, I know, but just look at that design! The snakeskin lion graphic combo is a stunner and really stood out from the typical designs common in the Gumball 3000 Rally. 


2. Bugatti Veyron Trust


This futuristic design is not just totally unique, but well thought out too, playing into the curves, edges and contours of this Bugatti. As if owning a Bugatti wasn't prestigious enough, this Veyron stands head and shoulders above factory standard models. 


1. Rolls Royce Phantom Snake Skin Wrap


There's not much to be said really... just look at it. The snake skin lion crest combo works so well for this Rolls that you could actually imagine this type of design catching on as a trend - imagine having your family crest emblazoned on the side of your vehicle... now that's a flex!


How to get an awesome design like these Gumball 3000 Rally wraps

These designs are awesome, but how do you get something like this for your luxury car or exotic? Follow these steps:

  1. Work with a talented designer. If you aren't a designer yourself work with someone who is. We partnered with Ryan from Glarb Design to create the Bentley that made number 4 on this list for example.
  2. Make sure your car will be wrapped with the best materials in the business - Avery Dennison, 3M or Arlon are all top contenders in the wrapping world.
  3. Find a reputable wrapping company - the hard part! Many wrappers will quote you attractive prices or make extravagant promises, but the reality is that very few have the technical expertise to deliver on truly premium wrapping projects. For that you need to do a bit of research, luckily Raccoon has made that simple for you.

Read 10 questions to ask a vehicle wrapping companyYou can use these questions to screen vehicle graphics companies for quality and professionalism. The guide will quickly help you see who is worth the cost and who isn’t.

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