Vehicle wrap advertising vs traditional marketing

By Chris Morell on Apr 27, 2022 1:19:06 PM

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Vehicle wrap advertising vs traditional marketing & advertising

Vehicle wrapping builds brand recognition and will get your company seen. But with so many advertising options out there, you need to know that it’s worth the investment. Thankfully, we have the figures to provide a definitive answer. Read on to discover how vehicle wrap advertising compares to other popular strategies, and how it could be the easiest way to reach a new audience.


Is it worth investing in van or car wrap advertising?

Absolutely. A car wrap costs between £1,600 and £3,000, while a van wrap costs between £1,900 and £3,200. Your wrap can last up to 7 years when given proper aftercare, and it won’t demand any rolling costs other than what you’d normally pay to maintain your vehicle.

In other words, you only pay for the wrap itself and the cost of installation. Van or car wrap advertising won’t have you paying out week after week, unlike with other forms of marketing.

Did you know? A single, wrapped vehicle driving intercity can be seen up to 18 million views a year! For  any business that values advertising, the results will be more than worth it. 

Vehicle wrap advertising vs other marketing options

By dividing the initial cost of a wrap by the number of days it should last, we can see how much you’ll pay for every 1000 views potentially gained. These figures are taken by Speedpro and 3M, the premium wrap manufacturer.

Ad Type Price per 1000 impressions (CPM)**
Vehicle Wrap £0.02
Google £2.15
Facebook £4.90
Twitter £5.50
Radio £6
Magazine £7.80
YouTube £7.44
Newspaper £16.34
Television £20


Vehicle wrapping vs digital advertising

Do you have money to pay a pay-per-click manager? How about a social media manager? That’s two salaries right there. Vehicle wraps work for you day and night, and that doesn’t stop until you put your car or van in a garage. As moving billboards, they even do their job while parked up on the kerb.

In contrast, digital advertising only works while it’s active. You’ll need someone to run the ads for a set amount of time, and once that’s done, you might not get any more views. You’ll only be seen by X amount of people while you continue to pay X amount – and there’s no guarantee they’ll be relevant to your business.

Social media & boosted ads

Vehicle wrap advertising vs social media

Social media is all about reaching people on the go, usually using mobile phone apps. It takes time to publish social posts, and these are usually done by someone on the marketing team, like a full-time social media manager. 

When it comes to paid or ‘boosted’ ads, you can narrow your demographic to only target people in a certain area, of a certain age group, gender, and the interests they’ve listed. You then decide how long you want the advert to run for. 

For example, you could dedicate £250 for a week and hope to get followers that way. But once that period’s over, you’ll need to pay another £250 for another week. 

Van or car wrap advertising works for your business month after month, for as long as your vehicles can be seen by the public.

Pay-per-click advertising

Vehicle wrap advertising vs Google pay per click

PPC seems well-priced at first, but it doesn’t guarantee the quality of leads coming in. You’ll be charged whether you make a new customer or not, and because some people go out of their way to avoid sponsored ads, you may not get much for the investment. You’ll also have to remember to turn your ads on and off as needed.

If one or more vehicles is important to your business, then a wrap will be very easy to manage. Just wipe it down now and then to keep it looking good. You can find out more in our guide on wrapping aftercare.

Wraps can also prove memorable, as opposed to sponsored ads that are abundant and highly competitive – all vying for fleeting attention spans online.

Another reason to go for a wrap? According to a study by Think Insights, 93% of brand impressions happen offline. So, if you’re only focused with online advertising, you’re probably missing out.

Vehicle wrap advertising vs billboards

Vehicle wrap advertising vs billboards

Billboards can prove very effective, but you’ll be paying for the privilege. Traditional billboard adverts can cost anywhere from £200 to more than a £1,000 every week, and your design will be limited by where it’s placed.

Consider this; how many of those people will be the same drivers commuting each and every day? Vehicle wrapping can reach a wider audience, in turn meaning a greater return of investment.

Get a quote for your vehicle wrap

Vehicle wrap advertising 02-1

Now you know the value and convenience of a wrap, you need to know exactly what it’ll cost you. We’ve already given you some averages, but now we can go one better.

Our pricing calculator can provide an accurate quote for your wrap, shown instantly on screen. You can then decide if the vehicle wrapping ROI is right for you, and how it fits into your budget.

Remember, a wrapped vehicle can also be used within your advertising campaigns!

Find out how little you could pay for your vehicle wrap – just visit the link below to get started.

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