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Stand out from the crowd with a Raccoon custom wrap!

Our premium services also include detailing, de-chroming and colour-change.
Adidas had custom vehicle graphics and promotional vinyl wraps designed and applied by Raccoon. Netflix has had several pop up events and custom vehicle wrap projects designed and delivered by the Promohire team at Raccoon London. Addison Lee trusts Raccoon for all its vehicle wrapping needs, whether for branding or promotion purposes. Google is a client of Raccoon when it comes to car branding and custom vinyl wraps. BBC hires vehicle wrapping services from Raccoon. Jaguar - Raccoon wrapped two bespoke Jaguars F-Type’s for the British GT Championship Budweiser is another client of Raccoon for everything vehicle wrapping for events. Tiffany is a promotional wrapping client of Raccoon. Samsung hires Raccoon London for outdoor branding, pop up brand activation events and vehicle wrap projects. Rolls Royce is another make Raccoon has experience working with. Disney had promotional vehicles and pop up events designed, built and wrapped by the Promohire team at Raccoon London. Ford often hires Raccoon for their vehicle wrapping projects and outdoors promotional activites.. Top Gear is one of the TV programs where Raccoon has had its wrapped vehicles featured. Bugatti is a brand with which Raccoon has worked many times. Syfy is also a client of the Promohire and Raccoon team for promotional vehicle wraps and pop-up events. Cash and Rocket hires Raccoon for its branded promotional vehicle wrapping needs every year. Virgin is another brand with which Raccoon has worked often. Tommy Hilfiger is another brand for which Raccoon London has wrapped vehicles for promos. Comic Relief  is a cause close to Raccoon's heart and for which it has wrapped fun and stylish vehicles. Puma used Raccoon for a Raccoon’s wrap for a promotional wrap customising a 3.8 litre Nissan GT-R Panasonic had promotional vehicles and custom wraps by the Promohire team and Raccoon teams at Raccoon London. Raccoon transformed Chris Evans’ Rolls Royce Ghost, for his FAB1million charitable endeavour for Breast Cancer Care Dogdeball Rally has had several Raccoon-wrapped vehicles. England Football has had vehicles wrapped by Raccoon. Harrods hired Raccoon to wrap a promotional tuk tuk Ferrari is another automobile make with which Raccoon has great experience in car wrapping. Quicksilver also benefited from Raccoon's wrapping excellence with the ‘Crackleglaze’ blue willow pattern effect wrap applied to a Porsche 911 GT2 for QuickSilver’s ceramic coated exhaust systems. Martini trusted Raccoon to wrap its cars for rallies, As partner to Jaguar Land Rover, Raccoon wrapped vehicles to promote the brands involvement in the 35th America’s Cup Mercedes cars are in good wrapping hands with Raccoon. HBO trusts Raccoon for its vehicle wrapping needs. Volkswagen is a fixture in Raccoon's wide range of automobile makes to wrap. JD Sports has used the Promohire team at Raccoon as well as Raccoon London for their promotional vehicles and full vinyl wraps. New Look used Raccoon and its promo unit Promohire for their promotional vehicle wraps Gumball 3000 racing cars are wrapped to perfection by Raccoon London. Ryman - Raccoon wraps Theo Paphitis’ Range Rover every year for Red Nose Day as part of Comic Relief Nike has also hired Raccoon and their Promohire team for quality promotional vehicle wrapping. Nissan is another brand Raccoon has plenty of experience working with. Rimmel used Raccoon and its promo unit Promohire for their promotional bus wrap and build. NHS uses Raccoon to let the public know about new services via promotional vehicle wrapping Ted Baker London hires Raccoon and its promo unit Promohire for the brand's promotional vehicle wraps. The NFL know Raccoon and our team at Promohire come up with the best promotional vehicle wraps and experiences. NIO Formula E Team trusts Raccoon with their quality vehicle wraps. Starbucks hires Raccoon's Promohire team for their vehicle marketing and experiential campaigns. Reuters trusts Raccoon for their commercial fleet branding and promotional van wraps.

years as Gumball 3000 official partner

years leading in vehicle wrapping

luxury designs created & wrapped

Raccoon has led the charge on premium custom wrapping projects for over 30 years. Since 1992, we’ve been delivering ground-breaking vehicle projects to a wide range of corporate and private clients.
For over a decade, we were the authorised branding partner for the Gumball 3000 Rally, wrapping over 100 supercars every single year. Landmark firsts include the first velvet Porsche wrap, the first mirror chrome Lamborghini and the world's first matte black wrap. 


The In-house Advantage: Quality & Speed

Our All-in-One service allows us to maintain levels of quality not possible using three separate services. This is because everyone is on the same page at Raccoon. You are not hiring a generic graphic design or printing service that never worked with wrap templates. You are hiring a wrap-specific team of experts who all work together, producing your project on time and to the highest quality standards.


In-house Design

Our wrap design specialists help you express your ideas and bring them to life.

In-house Printing

We print your designs using only the highest-quality vinyl brands, such as 3M, Arlon, Avery Dennison or Oracal.

In-house Wrapping

Our team of expert installers carefully wrap your vehicle, ensuring your design will look flawless from every angle.


Personalised warranties


Pick up & drop off
Courtesy replacement vehicles

Our Expertise

If you can dream it, we can wrap it. We can transform your vehicle for:
Lifestyle Events



Motorsport Competitions



Fundraisers  & Charitable Events



Exhibitions & Conventions



Advertising, TV shows, Film




Personal Luxury




What our clients say about us:






The On The Run Team came to us after experiencing less-than-stellar results getting their fleet of exotic supercars wrapped for the 2023 Gumball 3000 Rally. Despite a tight schedule, the Raccoon team was able to swing into action and wrap the cars in time for the start of the rally.


Their comments on our work:

“You guys did amazing, saved us indeed!


There is no other place I will ever wrap a car, you won a loyal friend and customer for life!”

Ask the Raccoon

If you have questions about vehicle wrapping, you’re in the right place! Whether you’re wrapping for personal or professional reasons we have the answers. Click or tap on our Raccoon team to get all the info you need. 

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?



Below you will find starting prices to expect from our vehicle wrapping services.

Colour Change Wrapping

Express Yourself!



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  • Change your car’s colour 
  • Premium wrapping films as standard 
  • Wide range of colours and finishes (metallic, matte, textures etc.) 
  • Award-winning, detailed wrap application 
  • No quibble aftercare 

Special Projects & Classic Cars

Bring Your Dream to Life!



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  • Create a custom vehicle wrap with the aid of a graphic design specialist or submit your artwork 
  • Premium wrapping films as standard 
  • Wide range of colours and finishes (metallic, matte, textures etc.) 
  • Award-winning, detailed wrap application 
  • No quibble aftercare 

Detailing and De-chroming

The Finishing Touches!



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  • Accent your current paint with targeted wrapping in a complimentary colour, (e.g. striping, wing mirrors, wheel arches etc.) 
  • De-chrome wing mirrors, grilles, bumpers and window surrounds 
  •  Premium wrapping films as standard 
  • Wide range of colours and finishes (metallic, matte, textures etc.) 
  • Award-winning, detailed wrap application 
  • No quibble aftercare 

What are the benefits of wrapping my car?

It looks amazing!

As a vehicle wrapping company of course we would say that, we are totally biased! To us, it’s just a fact: a beautifully wrapped vehicle with an exotic design looks amazing and turns heads. Custom car wraps are the kind of eye-catching graphic art that people can’t help but appreciate! 


Vehicle wrapping allows unlimited customisation

Whether it's for a competition, a convention, a rally, a fundraiser, a TV spot, a movie or just for show, professional vehicle wrapping can be completely tailored to your vision.


One of the biggest downsides of respraying a vehicle is that the colours you get to pick for your new paint job are profoundly limited and often lacking in the wow factor department. Vehicle wrapping fixies all of that. 3M vinyls alone have hundreds of options and at least ten different finishes on their standard colour change. 


Vinyl car wraps protect your vehicle's bodywork


This becomes a vital factor if you are borrowing luxury vehicles or hypercars for your TV program or movie and they need to be returned in pristine condition after they have been customised. 






That is also why wrapping is an extremely sustainable advertising solution if you are in need of very particular designs for the vehicles in your TV spots or magazine spreads. 

When it comes to motorsport competitions, rallies, fundraisers and other events, vehicle livery that respects the integrity of your vehicle's bodywork is a must, too.


More cost-effective than paint

Aside from much better customisation options wrapping is also cost-effective. A new paint job on a high-end luxury vehicle or supercar might cost £10,000 on the low end of the spectrum. Wrapping costs barely a fifth the price and lasts about 5 years, meaning you get about 25 years of graphics if you were to rewrap in a new colour when the wrap needs replacing. 


Vehicle wrapping enhances resale value 


Do you view your vehicle as an asset? Wrapping is your friend. Acting like a second skin, a wrap bears the brunt of any nicks, scuffs or scratches you might pick up out on the road, meaning the paint lasts much longer and your vehicle retains its value.


Top 10 benefits of vehicle wrapping  


  1. Custom vehicle wrap designs are great examples of amazing live 3D art.

  2. Your vehicle stands out with that wow factor that captures people's attention and imagination.

  3. Your vehicle becomes a canvas to express your vision or profile in a highly impacting, experiential manner.

  4. You have unlimited customisation opportunities.

  5. Wrapping is way cheaper than respraying your vehicle.

  6. Wrapping is a powerful method of raising awareness for your event, cause or product.

  7. Wrapping protects expensive bodywork from nicks, scratches and UV damage.

  8. Protecting your vehicle's paint also helps to preserve its resale value.

  9. Wrapping is easy to change and can be updated very economically by professional wrap installers.

  10. Full vehicle wraps boost your profile instantly.

"A wrap is the perfect way to improve your car's image, stand out from the crowd, elevate your event or supercharge your ad."

_ Rocky, Chief Raccoon





When you might need vehicle wrapping

Lifestyle Events

Rallies, motor club celebrations & other motor-related events, carnivals, parades




An exotic vehicle paired with an exotic design is the perfect way to grab attention, stand out and deliver your message. Having wrapped hundreds of cars for the Gumball 3000 Rally, high-impact graphics is a Raccoon strength. 


Motorsport Races & Competitions




Do you represent a motorsport governing body or club in need of high-performance graphics? Raccoon’s long history in motorsport means you can expect exceptional livery that works as hard as you do. No peeling, no bubbling and no fading.  


Fundraisers & Charitable Events




Nothing sets off a fundraiser or charity gala like a well-dressed promotional vehicle. We wrapped over 40 for Cash & Rocket’s annual drive for female empowerment. The vehicles acted as both a mobile stage and brand awareness backdrop for powerful business women including Paris Hilton - featured above.


We’ve also wrapped luxury cars for Comic Relief owned by car enthusiasts such as Chris Evans and Theo Paphitis.




Exhibitions, conventions, showrooms, galleries, conferences, networking events




Need a unique showpiece or branded backdrop that delights your audience? Transform any vehicle into a beautifully wrapped 3D display.   


Advertising, TV shows & Film




Need a vehicle that matches your vision for TV, commercials or a movie? Whatever your concept Raccoon can build it. We work with advertising agencies and all types of clients on a daily basis and understand creative production inside out.


We designed and printed the wrap featured above, based on Sergio Agüero’s design for the PUMA evoSPEED football boots he would wear in the home Manchester Derby.


And when it comes to Entertainment, from Netflix to Disney and from the BBC to SyFy we’ve done it all. Your concept will be in expert hands.


Personal Luxury




Got a supercar, hypercar or luxury exotic vehicle that’s in need of personalisation? Raccoon has you covered.


With over 30 years in wrapping, there are not many vehicles we haven’t transformed for a client. Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Maybach, Bentley, McLaren, Lamborghini,  Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Maserati, Audi, BMW, Tesla – bring it on! 


How to perfect your vehicle wrap design


The first thing you need to do is a bit of research. You might already have been inspired by a design you saw on social media but it pays to know what’s out there.




Hop on Pinterest or Google and create a mood board of your ideas. This will make it far easier when it’s time to start putting a design together.



Download a vehicle wrap template

Vehicle wrap templates that match the dimensions of your car are required for vehicle wrapping. 




We provide you with a template when you reach out for a quote, allowing you to put your ideas to digital paper!   






What is the intention behind the design?

A homage to a bygone time? Part of an advertising spot? Displaying your sponsors? Is it to stand out on the streets? Who is your target audience? 




If you can’t give a definite answer, then you aren’t ready to start a design. Trust us, nothing is worse than getting halfway through a design before you realise it’s not achieving its intended goal!




Work with a designer

This might sound like a copout, but the reality is that the best way to achieve a design you will be satisfied with is to leave it up to a professional. 




Whether you use us or have another designer in mind, they will be able to not only capture your ideas but translate them to workable vehicle wrap artwork.




How our service works

Raccoon offers a flexible 3-in-1 service scaled to your design, print and wrapping needs



If you already have a designer or artwork ready to go then you can skip ahead to the next stage. 


We offer a consultative service, meaning that if you book a meeting or fill out a contact form, after going through your ideas we’ll set you up with an expert from the graphic design team, who will advise you and create a mock-up for you to review on a 2D template that matches your vehicle’s make and model.


We can even create 3D renders of the design if you want to be able to really visualise the final product. If you aren’t happy with the design, then we will revise it until you feel it’s ready.




Once you’ve signed off on the design, our print team swing into action. The team will proof the submitted artwork a final time to make sure it will print correctly.


Then your design will be printed onto a high-quality layer of vinyl, using eco-friendly UV-based inks. Any unused wrap, liner or backing paper is recycled or disposed of via sustainable waste management practices.




If you need a replacement vehicle we have you covered.


To install your wrap(s) you can either drop the vehicle(s) to our Edenbridge Headquarters, we can pick them up and drop them off for you, or we can come to you and install on-site. If you want us to come to you, you must have an enclosed area for us to wrap for you, such as a garage or warehouse. This prevents airborne particulates from interfering with the wrap bonding process.




Before the wrapping begins, we ask that you give the vehicle(s) a thorough clean to prevent any dirt or other debris from interfering with the adhesion process. Prior to application, our team will check over the vehicles to ensure they are suitable for wrapping and perform a final clean if necessary.


The wrap team will then carefully apply your branded vinyl wrap, ensuring all panels are wrapped flawlessly. The vinyl is then left overnight so that it can properly adhere and bond to the surface of your vehicle(s). The next day a final inspection is carried out to ensure the vinyl has bonded properly.


Then the vehicle is all yours! Tell everyone where you got it!


Before wrapping


During & After Wrapping

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