Can you wrap a leased car or van?

By Richard Clark on May 3, 2022 5:48:30 PM

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Leasing a vehicle is often cheaper than buying one. But if you’re running a business, you need to know if you can wrap a leased car or van without violating the agreement. After all, no one wants a surprise penalty simply for branding a vehicle in their company colours. This article answers the question, ‘can you wrap a leased car or van?’ and explains the different options available. 

Can you brand a leased vehicle?

Yes, you can! Wrapping is the best way to change a vehicle’s colour without violating a lease agreement. In fact, the vinyl acts as a protective barrier, which can help you stay within the ‘fair wear and tear’ guidelines found in every lease. Paintwork nicks under 25mm fall under BVRLA guidelines, but you will have to repair longer scratches. Wrapping offers a great ROI by helping to avoid these costs.

You can’t make permanent changes to a leased car or van, and that’s why wrapping’s such a great option. It’s just temporary and easy to remove at the end of your lease.

Leased vehicle wraps.

Will wrapping a leased vehicle affect my insurance?

This depends on your insurance provider. Most insurers count a wrap as a vehicle modification, so you’ll need to inform them about your design. If you don’t declare your wrap, there’s a risk they’ll just revoke your policy when they find out. Even minor graphics like signwriting must be declared.

Most of the time, wrapping a vehicle won’t raise insurance premiums. We recommend you tell your insurer before the wrap date, so they can give you the green light and outline any potential increases. If they refuse, it may be worth finding a provider that’s more flexible when it comes to leased vehicle branding. 

What are the branding options for a leased vehicle?

Your options will depend on the agreement, but it’s best to tell your leasing company of any changes, no matter how small. Check for confirmation of the agreement in writing or email, as this will ensure there’s no confusion.

Painting a leased car or van.

1. Painting the vehicle & paying a penalty

In this scenario, you’ll paint your vehicle for the duration of the lease, then simply hand it back when it’s time – whatever the final charge might be. This will likely prove the most expensive, as your lease company will have to restore the original paintwork. Fair warning, there’s no guarantee they’ll pick the cheapest option!

2. Painting your vehicle twice

Painting the leased vehicle in your brand’s colours, only to paint it again at the end of the lease, can also be very costly in the end. In fact, respraying a car or van could set you back £15,000 in some cases. Now imagine having to pay that twice!

Painting may be suitable for very simple designs, but you’ll be limited in what you can do and pay through the nose at the same time. We outline the pros and cons further in our wrap vs respray comparison.

3. Wrapping your vehicle

We’ve confirmed that you can wrap a leased car or van, but what makes it the best of the bunch? First, you can have any design and finish you like. Second, it’ll be printed in a high resolution and applied according to an actual template. That’s incredibly precise, yielding better results. 

Wrapping’s also the cheapest option by farIt’s a temporary modification which can be swapped or removed without long-term issues, but durable enough to last for about 5 years.

Wrapping a leased car or van.

How much does it cost to wrap a leased car or van?

The price you pay depends on the size of the vehicle, and whether you want a full wrap, a half wrap, or simple signwriting. Other factors play a role too, so you may have trouble finding an accurate price for your project. Well, we at Raccoon can make this easy on you.

Click below for all the info you need on vehicle wrap pricing. You’ll discover the average cost of a wrap and find out which factors can affect the overall price of your project. This will help you budget smartly and ensure you don’t spend more than you need to.

How Much Does a Wrap Cost?

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