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By Chris Morell on Feb 10, 2021 3:28:00 PM

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The Witcher van is one of the best vehicle wraps.

Has a wrapped vehicle ever ‘wowed’ you? If so, it likely stayed in your mind much longer than expected. That’s the magic of a great wrap. Of course, coming up with a design and bringing the ‘wow’ factor isn’t easy, but it can really help to see successful campaigns in action. That’s why we’ve made this list.

Here’s our selection of the best vehicle wraps – each designed to entice customers and boost engagement. Use it for brainstorming, in a meeting about your next promotional campaign, or as an easy way to get some cool van wrap ideas. 

Vehicle wrap examples to inspire you

These show-stopping designs captured imaginations across the UK. You’ll see just what can be achieved with the right support, both in terms of graphic design and the wrapping itself.

Cadbury's Creme Egg bus

Creme Egg Bus 01 Creme Egg 04

What’s more tempting than a bus filled with chocolate eggs? Made in conjunction with Sainsbury’s, Cadbury and Jackanory, this double-decker bus was fully wrapped in the famous Easter design and adorned with leaves.

Much like a crème egg, the bus was just as impressive inside. It had an interactive wildlife experience, a scramble pit, and a spotter’s hide with fake turf and wooden cladding. Best of all, the bus was kitted out to serve a host of tasty treats. Great for kids, and a chocoholic’s guilty pleasure!

Ted Baker's botanical taxi

Ted Baker 01 Ted Baker 02

The black cab is one of the best-known London icons. So, how do you top that? By using a killer wrap to make it into a big statement of your very own. Here, Ted Baker embellished the classic black colour with vibrant floral imagery. Inside, a unique flower arrangement helped to capture Ted Baker’s creativity.

This botanical taxi toured London, Oxford, Sheffield, and Liverpool before heading to Europe. Visitors were encouraged to get inside, take pictures, and then upload those shots to social media. A great way to build engagement!

Coca-Cola's event support vehicle

Coca Cola 02

When you see this van, you know the holidays are coming. The timeless red and white, along with Father Christmas himself, together make one of the best vehicle wraps around. The van was perfect for taking bottles to events across the UK during the festive period, and the fridge kept them refreshingly cold throughout the journey.

This support van was fully wrapped to create a high-quality image that draws the eye, with the classic logo emblazoned on each side. A brilliant way to remind customers of the brand, while spreading a touch of Christmas cheer. Kris Kringle would be proud!

The Witcher's ice cream van

Witcher 02

Toss a coin to your Witcher for some chilled delights! Netflix wanted to use a classic ice cream van in a brand activation to promote The Witcher Season 3; touring London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, and even Glastonbury. But their project didn’t need a hero – it needed a professional. That’s why Netflix joined forced with Above and Beyond, and the Promohire team. Together, they produced the vehicle wrap, a supersized roof medallion, and finished the look with medieval chains.

It was already one of the best vehicle wraps we’ve seen, but the team went one step further with its sweet treats. Each lucky customer was handed a black Mr. Whippy and cone, complete with white candy floss (for Geralt's hair!) and a wafer drizzled in strawberry blood!

Propercorn's cement mixer

Propercorn 02

Propercorn felt they had to stand out with one of the most unique and best vehicle wraps ever designed. So naturally, they came up with a bright pink cement mixer! Covered in 75 metres of vinyl across the cylinder, this mixer was used to hand out 150,000 packets of popcorn across London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds.

The wrapping process took 5 days from start to finish. Materials included Arlon vinyl for easy removal, plus a gloss finish to ensure the design ‘popped’. Impressed with the pink? There’s a whole range of colours to think about when coming up with cool van wrap designs.

Ford's 'make it visible' van

Ford 02

This fully wrapped van proves you don’t need an outlandish vehicle to stand out. In fact, the right van wrap ideas will be enough to get all the attention you need! Pinks, greens and yellows combine to immediately catch the eye. However, this collaboration between Ford and the Lighthouse Charity stands out for an even bigger reason.

Wellbeing support is vital to the construction industry. This van was used to promote mental health awareness and make wellbeing support visible in construction. Putting help in sight, on site, is one the best ways to use a wrap we’ve ever seen.

Tabasco's 'pick me up' truck'

Tabasco 01 Tabasco 02

Lovingly named after ‘Max’s reviver sandwich’ designed to cure hangovers, the Tabasco truck was part of an activation in Leeds, Birmingham, and London Victoria. During the festive season, this converted vehicle provided more than 2,000 sandwiches to hungry commuters. This gave them a welcome boost on the working day and helped Tabasco reach a new audience.

The real showstopper was the 3D printed sandwich. A replica of the real sandwich on offer, this oversized model was built to grab attention from afar. Chilled drinks were kept safely in a branded bar unit until handed out – the perfect complement to the free sandwich.

Ready to design your vehicle wrap?

Now you’ve seen some great vehicle wrap examples, you likely have ideas of your own. That’s good, but how can you put these into practice? With our friendly advice, of course!

Click below for our guide on how to design your vehicle wrap. It covers what you should think about, how to get inspired, and when to enlist the help of a graphic designer.

Learn How to Design a Vehicle Wrap

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