Street food vehicle design & conversion

An alternative to the brick-and-mortar presence, being able to get on the road in a street food trailer or vehicle is a great way to increase visibility of your brand or restaurant - all while engaging directly with your customers.


Whether you’re future-proofing your brand or restaurant business due to the pandemic or just starting out on your own food business journey, the question is: how can you create a custom branded street food van from scratch? 


If you’re getting started with mobile street food vehicle design and conversion, it can seem like there's a long list of things to do before you can get on the road. That’s where Raccoon’s street food van conversion services come in.

How We Can Help

At Raccoon, we have all the resources you need to get started with a street food trailer or vehicle. Simply share your vision with us, and we’ll make it a reality - from all the interior metalwork to stand-out brand graphics.


We can source, design and convert your food or drinks van to get you up and running as quickly as possible. To avoid delays and transportation costs, all branding, electrical and mechanical work is carried out at our Kent production site.


Check out how John Quilter, the 'Food Busker' created his dream food truck from scratch!


Just Got Started? 

From creating a business plan to getting finance and choosing the food truck itself, we've got your back!


We've worked with many start up food truck businesses to create their dream street food set up, and have created FREE resources to help you plan for a successful future.


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Streetfood conversion services

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Our Food Vehicle Design Experience

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Our team has over 10 years’ experience in vehicle brand design and conversion. We work with brands, restaurants and independent businesses to create street food trailers and trucks that meet all of the health and safety and venue regulations.


If you have a vehicle already, that’s great! Our street food vehicle designers and mechanics can produce concept designs for the van inside and out (including interior metalwork and branded graphics) and can consult on suitability for catering and driving.


We can also source vehicles from our extensive network of contacts in the UK and abroad. So, if you’re looking for something a little unusual – let us know!


Benefits of Conversion Support


With nearly ten years’ experience in street food van conversions, we’ve seen everything when it comes to design and mechanical challenges.


We create the whole vehicle onsite to minimise transport costs. All of our experts are in one place for effective project communication.

Brand Alignment

We’ll keep your brand at the heart of the project, creating an engaging, beautifully converted catering van that is fit for purpose

Consultative Approach

Each conversion is different. Our team works with you to understand every detail, from the kit you want to use, to the most efficient set up for your workstation.

Health & Safety

We appreciate that shopping centres and outdoor venues have unique sets of health and safety requirements. We’ll ensure your street food vehicle is designed to comply.


From vintage vans to unusual trailers – if you have a particular vehicle in mind that matches the look and feel of your brand, we’ll source it.

Our Street Food Business Guide

If you've got a great idea and aren't sure where to start with your street food business, have a read of our complete guide to starting your own food truck!

It covers how to:

  • Develop your idea 
  • Fund your start up costs
  • Navigate regulations and permits
  • Plan your food truck menu
  • Attract customers
Read Our Guide!

Starting a food truck business - Raccoon's complete guide

The Finishing Touches

As your street food brand comes to life, don’t let it stop at your vehicle! Take your street food offering to the next level by providing a truly memorable experience that your customers can share with friends and on their social media channels.

Illuminated Signage

Increase brand visibility with bespoke illuminated signage and lighting - perfect to engage customers from summer through to winter!

Selfie Backgrounds

Raise awareness of your brand on social media by providing Instagrammable visuals such as portable selfie walls and backdrops.

Custom Props

Make your vehicle instantly recognisable with a custom prop attached – think giant donuts, sandwiches or ice cream cones!

Case Studies

Pilsner Urquell bar truck conversion

Pilsner Urquell Conversion

Discover how we helped Pilsner Urquell transform a vintage Bedford truck into a stunning mobile bar complete with beer taps and fridges.


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800x589 px_Food and Drink_Food Busker1

Food Busker Bespoke Trailer

Find out how we created a bespoke catering trailer for YouTube chef, the Food Busker to help him get started with his street food dream. 


Read more

Enforcing Social Distancing

As the country emerges from Lockdown, we appreciate that a number of safety protocols will need to be in place for brand activity taking place.


In order to ensure that your plans are Covid-safe, we can help incorporate branded social distancing signage and floor markings into your stall, stand or pop-up, as well as queue barriers and sanitisation stations.


Discuss your ideas with our team today and we’ll advise on how you can incorporate social distancing features into your plan.


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