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By Chris Morell on Jul 3, 2024 2:34:25 PM

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Sustainable signage display made using Re-board material

Your display should be creative, cost-effective, and designed to ‘wow’ your visitors. But for some customers, that’s still not quite enough! They think your display should be sustainably made, as proof that your brand’s values line up with their own.

Re-board material provides the solution you need. This eco display board is perfect for sustainable signage and creative displays – and we’re about to explain why.

What is Re-board?

Re-board is a type of rigid media paper board used for trade shows, exhibitions, product launches, brand activations and store window displays. It features a fluted core that’s engineered for durability and a top liner which can be laminated with PVC-free materials.

Re-board material can be used to build 3D structures, from standees and backdrops to booths and furniture – all made from sustainable materials. It may be the best-known eco display board, but it’s not the only one. You can also make sustainable signage out of Swedboard (which contains mostly air) and Dufaylite with its honeycomb structure.

For Re-board and other sustainable display materials, visit our online store. You’ll find a wide range of different items to choose from, whether you’re branding a space or planning an eco-friendly event.

Bulldog phone booth made of Re-board Bulldog phone booth 3D Re-board display (2)

What are the benefits of Re-board material?

Re-board’s now a staple of retail displays, trade shows and exhibitions. We’ve outlined the main benefits below to explain why. For more about sustainable practices, check out these 5 eco-friendly printing methods.

1. It’s strong but lightweight

With a layered, corrugated structure and a durable core, Re-board material is much tougher than you might expect. In fact, it’s 80% lighter and only 20% weaker than MDF. That means it’s pliable enough to form intricate shapes but strong enough to survive months of brand activations and eco-friendly events. Fun fact: Re-board’s liner is the strongest recovered paperboard in Europe!

While Re-board can survive a shower or two (and we only recommend inside use), it probably won’t survive prolonged exposure to wet conditions. If you’re concerned, re-board can be fitted with edge band seals for extra protection, and feet that will raise your display above the floor.

Re-board material display

2. Re-board material is 100% green

By choosing this eco display board over plastic or metal, you show that you care about the environment. But just how ‘green’ is Re-board really? Well, great news! It’s made entirely of paper and water-based adhesives, with no toxic compounds. In turn, your sustainable signage won’t pose a risk to local ecosystems.

The paper board is made at FSC-certified manufacturing plants and shipped ethically by truck or by boat, depending on its destination. And because Re-board material is so light, the shipping process demands less fuel than PVC, chipboard and many other display products.

It’s all made from recovered paper fibres, originating from Nordic forests. These fibres ensure Re-board products can be recycled up to 7 times before they’re worn out!

3. You can build any shape or design

Re-board sheets can be cut quickly into any shape you can imagine. The sky’s the limit, especially when you have a team of skilled installers ready to help. Once you’ve finalised your design, the Re-board sheets will be printed, cut and finished, then delivered to your location.

These sheets are then fully assembled on-site, ready for display. An easy process for any event or campaign, whether it’s just a few days long or spanning several months.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are just some creative designs achieved using Re-board. All were crafted by the Raccoon team as part of a launch, activation or large format project.

Sustainable signage made from Re-board material Spongebob Squarepants 3D cutouts - Sustanably printed with Re-board

Eco-friendly event display made of Re-board material 2 Eco friendly event display made of Re-board material

4. You can choose from several options

There’s more than just Re-board Basic to choose from. Premium delivers the quality of a luxury item, White provides a high-gloss finish, or you can choose from black and brown variants. Re-board Premium Fire-Retardant features a top liner that’s engineered to Euroclass C standards for fire safety. In short, it’ll be much slower to catch fire than traditional card or paper.

Re-boards are sold in 10 mm and 16 mm thicknesses, and with the different block colours available, there’s always a product for your sustainable display. If you’re unsure which to choose, a member of our team will be happy to help.

If you’d like to get creative but are low on space, Re-board material can be used to build attractive window displays. See these retail branding ideas to see how you can advertise effectively, even when space is limited.

How a luxury brand used Re-board to stand out

Want to see how Re-board can help a brand stand out? Here’s a project we completed for the luxury fashion line, Vivienne Westwood. Our team cut a giant-sized playing card made entirely out of Re-board material and printed a design on both sides. The stand underneath may look like wood, but it’s actually made of Re-board too! We then used window graphics to provide the finishing touches.

Here's the full Vivienne Westwood case study.

Re-board Vivienne Westwood Display Vivienne Westwood Display Made From Re-baord Material

Where can you buy Re-board online?

If you’d like to buy online, then just head on over to our specialist branding store. We sell many rigid media products, including Re-board, all of which will be cut and finished to your needs.

You can also apply your own design with the free customisation tool. If you’ve got a demanding project in mind and want someone to manage the process for you, our brand production team is ready to help.

Click below to visit the store to browse products, buy online, or get a bespoke quote.

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