Vivienne Westwood's eco-friendly window displays

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Vivienne Westwood faced a dilemma. How could they promote their latest fashion range sustainably, using 3D materials?


The answer… through a series of eco-friendly window displays, courtesy of Raccoon and Re-board! 


Vivienne Westwood is known to blend fashion with climate activism, and for their #Don’tGetKilled clothing line, seen here in Vogue, they wanted to extend this approach to their display materials. The problem was that most printing companies lacked the materials and know-how to produce eco-friendly display props. 

It came down to finding an experienced partner who could source green materials quickly and print to an impeccable standard. They’d also need to install the 8 window displays over 4 nights, in areas ranging from Central London to Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Glasgow.

Raccoon’s brand production service would make light work of the installation process, but what about the materials? Introducing Re-board! 

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Once Vivienne Westwood learned of its uses and benefits, they gave us the green light to get printing their eco-friendly window displays. Made from reclaimed fibres and featuring a tough, corrugated core, it’s strong enough to form 3D structures and is 100% recyclable.  

Vivienne Westwood’s playing cards were printed with a unique design on each side. We also built a platform for the whole display to stand on. Don’t be fooled by its natural wood effect; the whole thing’s made entirely of Re-board, including the circular plinths used to display high-end bags and shoes! 

Along with the window display props, we installed Drytac’s ViziPrint window film directly to the glass. Once again, this film was entirely sustainable and in line with Vivienne Westwood’s environmental values. We also used a PVC-free self-adhesive film from Grafityp to place lines on the platform, reminiscent of a school playing court. 

Because Re-board’s made from paper, everything from the giant playing card to the base and plinths could be recycled as wastepaper. The self-adhesive films could also be recycled along with everyday plastics, with no special requirements. 

Vivienne Westwood’s project shows how Re-board can be used to make bold, creative, eco-friendly window displays – and the results speak for themselves. Click here for a deeper look at this high-performance paper board and to see if it may be right for you. 

Once you’re ready to start your project, just click the link below to get in touch. We use sustainable products every day and can do our part to help you run a green campaign.

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