How to find a vehicle branding graphic designer

By James Weber on Jan 2, 2024 5:02:00 PM

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How to find a vehicle branding graphic designer

If you're trying to get your vehicles branded and are struggling to find a graphic designer, you may be feeling a bit frustrated.

There are tons of designers out there but few have the real expertise to create a design on a template that works in practice, and many lack branding experience.

If you've gone down this road before then you may well have experienced some of the shortfalls:

  • Words or sentences that get cut off
  • Designs that don't line up properly
  • Stretched logos or other elements

With 30+ years of experience in brand production and vehicle wrapping, Raccoon has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of vehicle branding blunders. So, if you're looking for practical advice on how to find a designer worth their salt, you're in the right place.

In this article, I will outline why generic graphic designers won't cut the mustard, what to look for in a vehicle branding specialist, where to find one and how to test their skills without spending money.


Why a generic graphic designer may not be sufficient for vehicle branding

A generic graphic designer may not have the necessary expertise to create a design that will work when the wrapping team applies it to your vehicle.

Vehicle wrap templates are 2D representations of a 3D vehicle, and it takes a skilled designer to understand how to translate brand guidelines into a workable design. Generic graphic designers may not be familiar with the unique challenges of working with vehicle wrap templates.

One of the main challenges is understanding where it may not be a good place to wrap. Certain parts of the vehicle can get cut off or have lettering deformed by the curves of the vehicle.

A designer with experience in vehicle wrapping knows how to use their imagination to anticipate these issues and avoid placing important elements in problematic areas.

Another important factor that a generic graphic designer may not be aware of is the high degree of bleed required for vehicle wraps.

Wrapping teams need extra material to stretch the wrap and adhere it to the contours of the vehicle. A generic designer won't know how to include sufficient bleed in the design to accommodate these requirements.


What to look for in a vehicle branding graphic designer

When searching for a vehicle branding graphic designer, there are certain qualities and skills to look for:

  1. Experience with vehicle wrap templates: The designer should have a portfolio that demonstrates their ability to work with vehicle wrap templates and create designs that effectively utilize the space available on a vehicle.
  2. Understanding of brand guidelines: A good designer should be capable of translating a company's brand guidelines into a workable design. They should be able to maintain consistency with the brand identity while adapting it to the unique challenges of vehicle branding.
  3. Knowledge of vehicle wrapping limitations: The designer should be familiar with the limitations of vehicle wrapping, including the need for bleed and potential issues with certain areas of the vehicle. They should have a good understanding of how to design around these limitations to create a visually appealing and effective vehicle wrap.
  4. Creativity and imagination: Vehicle branding requires the designer to envision how a 2D design will translate onto a 3D vehicle. They should have the creativity and imagination to anticipate potential issues and come up with innovative solutions.
  5. Communication skills: The designer needs to have good communication skills and be able to effectively collaborate with the client and any wrapping teams involved in the process. Clear communication ensures that the final design meets your expectations and can be successfully implemented onto the vehicle.

Match these qualities to ensure you find a vehicle branding graphic designer who is capable of creating a successful and visually appealing design for your vehicle.


Where to find a vehicle branding graphic designer

Finding a vehicle branding graphic designer can be done through various sources:

  1. Online platforms: There are several online platforms where you can find freelance designers with experience in vehicle branding. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr allow you to browse through portfolios and connect with designers who specialize in this area.
  2. Design agencies: Many design agencies have graphic designers who specialize in vehicle branding. These agencies often have a team of professionals with experience in creating effective designs for vehicles. Research local design agencies and reach out to them to inquire about their vehicle branding services.
  3. Referrals: Ask around in your professional network or industry groups for recommendations on vehicle branding graphic designers. Referrals can be a great way to find reliable and talented designers who have already proven their skills in this specific field.
  4. Industry events and trade shows: Attend industry events and trade shows related to vehicle branding and design. These events often showcase the work of talented designers and provide an opportunity to network and connect with professionals in the field.
  5. A vehicle wrap company: Some services that offer vehicle wrapping also include branding production in their list of services or skills. At Raccoon for example we've been wrapping business vehicles for so long that our in-house graphic design team have become experts in brand translation and brand production.   

When searching for a vehicle branding graphic designer, it's important to review their portfolio, check their experience and qualifications, and communicate your specific requirements. The right designer will be able to effectively translate your company's brand to your vehicle fleet. 


How can I test a vehicle branding graphic designer? 

The simplest test is to give them a vehicle wrap template and ask them to come back to you with a workable design.

However, this is a leap of faith, especially if they ask for payment for a mock-up, so there is another way to find a good vehicle wrap branding designer.

To be blunt, use us. Raccoon has been doing this for 30+ years and we offer FREE design consults at the end of which you will receive a concept design that you can take away and present to whomever you want.

If you like us and want to stick it out with Raccoon that's awesome, but if you want to take your business elsewhere we won't hold it against you.

For a FREE no-nonsense vehicle branding consultation without the sales pitch, book your consultation now.

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