Top 5 Benefits of Fleet Wrapping

By James Weber on Mar 24, 2023 10:15:36 AM

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Fleet wrapping is an enormous asset to any company with multiple business vehicles. In this article I will cover the top 5 benefits including brand awareness, customer insight, reputation, cost effectiveness and resale value.



  1. Fleet wrapping maximises out-of-home brand awareness

Out-of-home (OOH) or outdoor advertising strategies aim to gather as many impressions as possible outside the home. Think billboards, big digital screens and posters. Fleet wrapping is one of the most useful forms of OOH advertising as your advert can actually move!

Your cars, vans or trucks essentially become moving billboards, gathering impressions wherever they go. It’s a great option for businesses looking for easy wins. A high quality fleet wrap will generate so many enquiries that it quickly pays for itself – a real win-win!

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With a quality vehicle wrap lasting 5 years or more with proper aftercare, this is a real fire and forget solution for your business. You don’t need to hire a marketing team to design and maintain it, it’s evergreen!

Many domestic services find generating new customers is as easy as parking their newly wrapped vehicles outside a clients home. Soon enough heads start popping over fences and the enquiries start rolling in.


  1. Fleet wrapping generates precise customer data

If you put unique contact information on the side of your fleet you can track wrap generated enquiries. You can analyse this data to determine how many fresh leads you are getting each week from your wrap and how many turn into actual customers.

You can also use this data to find out which areas are generating you the most profit, allowing you to finetune your business strategy. If you find that a certain area has a high chance of new leads, maybe you make an effort to be visible in that area more often.

Time is money so the greater your client density, the less driving you do between them, helping you to maximise daily profits.

For a landscaping firm for example, business is a bit like monopoly, if you have an entire street of customers, you can line them all up on the same day, spend a whole day on one neighbourhood and waste 0 time driving. It’s the difference between getting 7 clients in vs 3, something that pays major dividends down the line.


  1. Fleet wrapping builds your reputation for you

Many companies find that once they wrap their fleet, customers start to treat them differently. No longer are you a random person in a van, now you’re a representative of an obviously well established and professional brand.

Looking the part allows you to build trust faster with prospective clients, and it gives employees a morale boost. The wrap sets up a certain assumption about you and your brand that ends lines of questioning such as: Are you a licensed company? How long have you been in business? Etc etc.

The wrap essentially catalyses the trust building process, helping you win new business faster.


  1. Fleet wrapping is the most cost-effective marketing strategy

Longleat Minis fleetFleet wrapping has the highest return on investment of any marketing strategy at the CPM (cost per impression) level.

Vehicle wrap advertising costs just 2 pence per 1000 impressions!

A single wrapped vehicle, driving intercity, can attract up to 18 million views a year with a vehicle wrap costing 10% of the overall price of leasing and running a van – a mere 87 pence per day.

Vehicle wrap ads are more than 100 times cheaper than Google ads, and a 1000 times cheaper than television ads.

To learn more on this subject, read vehicle wrapping ROI vs traditional advertising for the full data breakdown and comparisons.


  1. Fleet wrapping preserves resale value

When you wrap a vehicle fleet, each vehicle is encased in a layer of high quality vinyl. This layer acts a sort of second skin, protecting your paintwork from nicks and scratches, sun damage and general wear and tear.

When the wrap is removed at end of life, your vehicles will still look great, preserving their value for resale.

If you have your vehicles on a lease then you minimise end of lease charges that are often incurred as part of a vehicles working life, and you will be in better standing with your dealership. This can lead to more favourable lease agreements in future and a more profitable working relationship.


What are my next steps?

Brand awareness, customer insight, reputation, cost effectiveness and resale value are the top 5 benefits of fleet wrapping, but they aren’t the only advantages.

For more information, read our Ultimate Guide to Fleet Wrapping.

You will learn the benefits of branding your fleet, how fleet wrapping works, how much it costs, how to maximise the effectiveness of your branding, different types of fleet wraps, how other companies use vehicle wrapping and frequently asked questions.



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