Top 5 Types of Retail Promotion

By Chris Morell on Jul 31, 2023 4:31:26 PM

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Top 5 Types of Retail Promotion

Promotions help retailers attract new customers, engage with old faces, and build loyalty. But every promotion works differently, so it can be tough to decide which approach is best for your company. That’s where this guide to the 5 types of retail promotion can help.

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1. Discounts

Types of Sales Promotions - Money Off

Discounts sell products are a fraction of the cost, encouraging customers to spend more!

Percentage off

These types of sales promotions cut the regular price of a product. 50% can be more inviting than £4.50 off the retail price, so percentages can help your sale promotion look more impressive than it is.

Money off

This could be £10 off a purchase when spending £50 or more. It’s a good tactic if you’re offering a deep discount and want to highlight how much the customer is saving.

Buy one get one free

Want to get rid of old stock quickly? A BOGOFF sale gives the customer an extra item for free when buying a qualifying item at full price.

These promotions need advertising to work. If you have a good retail space, then you could use posters or banners, impactful window graphics, and point-of-sale display items. See our sales promotion tips for more ways to get your message seen.


2. Limited-Time Sales and Flash Sales

limited-time-sales-flash-salesA limited-time sale can last for weeks, days or just a few hours. Here are some of the variations.

Seasonal sales

A type of retail promotion that covers specific seasons, like a summer or winter sale. Alternatively, you could run a holiday sale over Christmas or Easter.

Flash sales

These short-term promotions last for a few hours or a day, much like Black Friday. They typically give big discounts on selected items, creating a sense of urgency for impulse buys.

Given these promotions are over in a flash, all large-format advertising materials must be ready to go on the day. And by keeping your social media channels updated, you can announce your flash sale online to generate a lot of buzz. 


3. Loyalty Programs and Rewards

loyalty-programs-rewardsLoyalty programs encourage repeat buying and long-term commitment. These types of sales promotions build brand loyalty, especially when the rewards are generous.

Point-based programs

Rewarding customers for every purchase means they’re less likely to go elsewhere. These types of retail promotions motivate customers to come in and buy more often, especially when they can get something for free.

Tiered programs

These programs sort customers into levels based on their spending habits. The more someone spends, the higher their ranking. Retailers often create silver, gold and platinum membership levels, each providing better offers.

So how can a loyalty program work for you? You’ll need staff to help encourage sign-ups, and you could print cards, leaflets and posters to explain the process. To reach a lot of people in one go, why not launch your program with a brand event or activation?


4. Free Samples and Gifts


While some types of retail promotions give money off, samples entice visitors to try before they buy.

Product samples

Samples can spread awareness and help build a fanbase; QV Skincare did just that when they toured the UK (from London to Edinburgh!) with a branded Airstream, complete with sampling stations. Learn more about QV’s campaign here.

Gift with purchase

Free gifts, however small, are quick to get people excited. One example is a free makeup bag with a purchase of £40 or more. You could hand out USB sticks, coasters or keychains – all advertising your brand.

A sample can be handed out on the spot or through a planned, limited-time promotion. See how to choose the right display products to help your sampling day stand out.


5. Contests and Giveaways

These types of sales promotions encourage people to get involved and share your content online.

Social media contests

Not all social channel competitions are just about liking, sharing or commenting. Tombola used one of Promohire’s support vans to drop boxes across the UK – taking a photo of each box in a well-known place. If you could guess the location, you’d be entered into a free prize draw!

In-store giveaways

Some retailers run giveaways, entered by filling in a form, taking part in a demonstration, or buying a product of a certain value. This can raise foot traffic and raise engagement levels.

If you’re spearheading a retail contest, event or sale, see our ultimate guide to retail promotions and learn how to target your audience through compelling offers.


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